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What is with the bad attitude of people who are being paid to help customers?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46803points) April 4th, 2019
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Like yesterday with the dental receptionist.

Today I tried to renew my (3) tags online, but got a message on the first one that said it was not renewable. I tried several different search options, got the same message.

I called the tag office to f ind out why. She was almost like, “Well what do you want me to do about it!” Not quite those words, but close. Then there was some dead air space while she waited for me to Do Something.
I finally said, “Could you look it up for me? Maybe it will give you more information than it’s giving me.”
Insert heavy, disgruntled sigh.
“OK. What is the renewal date.”
It was March 31.
“Well THAT’S why!” She said like, “You idiot!”
Since I’m late I have to physically go in to renew them.

Have you been experiencing weird, unprofessional levels of customer service lately?

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They do have to deal with idiots every single day, and force themselves to be friendly.
At some point, they just crack.

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Then they need to get out of customer service.

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There’s no excuse for being rude to people even if you are in pain and exhausted. I’ve on both the customer and the business side of this and customers are the worst because I was forced to put up with the abuse.

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Me too @gondwanalon. They’d get down and dirty and personal on you because their whatever wasn’t working right.

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They don’t want to work.

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These are actual people. Humans. They have emotions and moods, and are subject to feeling quite frustrated when they deal with people all the time – many of whom are quite rude. These workers are usually the worst paid and worst treated people at their company.

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I did customer service. Midnight to 7am . At a convenience store. I slowly snapped. I quit and took over 15 years to recover.
Nitwits doing different things. Like trying to stuff as many trident unpaid packs of gum in their mouth. People jumping the casheirs side to pick their own lotto tickets. Putting candy bars in the froster slushies to steal. Paying with $100 bills for a coffee ect.
Screaming out loud.

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I was in customer service for 4 years. I simply did my job, the job I had been hired to do.
I think it more to do with this fad of not holding back and telling people exactly what you think, and calling it “just being honest.”

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^ Seems you had it figured out before you asked the question.

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I could be wrong. I wondered if anyone else noticed it, and if so what they think could account for it.

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You need either to be like a hawk catching every thing or not to care. If you don’t care then its time to leave. Having a sense of dignity is a hindrance in grave yard shift.

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They aren’t trained for customer service anymore, and contrary to popular thinking, it is not obvious to most people how to deliver good customer service. Some people think you either naturally have it or you don’t, but that is not true.

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