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Would you turn to stone, by watching a video recording of Medusa?

Asked by ragingloli (49024points) June 20th, 2019
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And would the Terminator be affected by that curse?

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No. Watching it on TV would be like Perseus seeing the reflection of Medusa in his shield.
Yes, the Terminator would be affected, looking directly at Medusa. The Gods direct Medusa, not the Terminator.

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I agree with @kritiper‘s interpretation. It does beg the question though, what would happen if Medusa watched the video from “The Ring?”

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I also used the reflection logic. Television wouldn’t cause any trouble, except possibly digestive,vbut television does that even when not showing greek monsters.
The terminator’s flesh covering would probably turn to stone, but not the endoskeleton. My logic here is based on Bubo, the mechanical owl, who was able to help retrieve Medusa’s severed head.

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Is she hot? Possibly then.

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The thinking is, if a recording made with a camera does not turn you to stone, then the terminator, who has cameras for eyes, would not be affected either. Neither would any other robotic life form, nor any human wearing camera goggles.

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Are the male terminators naughty bits merely vestigial? If not then it could be affected.

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Would your dog or cat turn to stone? How about your hamster or goldfish?

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If a particle went through a two slit apparatus and Medusa saw it would there be an interference pattern?

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