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What's usually the first good moment of your day?

Asked by longgone (19568points) January 22nd, 2020
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I recently started making my phone use Spotify to wake me up with great music, so it’s been more fun to wake up. Still, the first moment I feel really good is usually when I get outside. This morning, though, I got a kind Fluther message right as I woke up. Thanks.

I’m curious about other people’s mornings.

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The first cup of coffee.

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On the weekend, it’s having coffee.

On a work day, I have coffee but I’m usually rushing, so I’d say the first good moment is sitting down at my desk at work, having made the commute, stress over, and checking email and Facebook.

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For a few years it was lying in bed realizing I didn’t have to rush anywhere and I didn’t have any pain. I hurt my back a few days ago so that moment of bliss is gone.

Now, I guess it will be less regular to have a great moment early in the day as my back heals, so maybe my happy moment is still not needing to rush, and looking forward to the fun things I have planned for the day.

I also enjoy my DVR in the morning. Catching up on my TV shows.

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After a shower, coffee in hand, dog at my side-that’s my morning bliss.

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My dog waking me up each morning. I can’t imagine waking up without her.

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^^^ This. Happy dog face.

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Getting back in bed for an extra half hour.

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It’s always good to open eyes and thank Jesus for another day on Mother Earth.

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Being greeted by my husband, then pets is a happy start to each day.

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Breakfast. (Like there was any doubt!!)

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Kiss & cuddle with the wife, strong black coffee & a fresh early morning run…bliss!

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@ucme Run and get me a coffee, will ya?

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@lucillelucillelucille In exchange for a kiss & cuddle? :D

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@ucme No, you still have to tip the barista.

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Sunrise and relaxing with a cup of fresh coffee.

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This morning it was scalding tea and a warm danish as the wife & I hover over the still hot oven. We call it the standup breakfast. She has her coffee.

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Quiet time with the newspaper at breakfast.

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My kids like to climb into bed to snuggle in the morning. It’s a very sweet way to wake up. Even if they like to put their freezing feet on me to warm up. Everyone calls me the Human Heater.

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I like waking up and not immediately getting out of bed.

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SSS for me.

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I have to say a few minutes after sipping that hot cup of coffee grabbed from 711 or Starbucks or Peet’s….

Rarely it happens but it does happen…non-caffeine induced joyful high for the simple reason of just being out and alive.

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When I have made the bed and brushed my teeth I step into a hot shower….....that’s a really good moment. After I get dressed and brew a cup of coffee…that first sip is indeed another good one!

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@mazingerz88 All the years I had to get up so early to be at my office by 8am I never failed to realize what you said. It is joyful to be out in the world and alive… the morning especially. :)

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^^You bet. And yeah, I also need to be at work at 8 am. Which means waking up at least 6:15 am. Better than before at 5:30 when I needed to be at work at 7:30. :)

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A hug from my wife and daughter and the next is when I get to work and the coffee pot is full.

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Waking up not dead.

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