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I'm about to play table tennis with my daughter, do you have any tips for me?

Asked by ucme (50047points) April 8th, 2020
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Should I ping or pong?
Do I let her win?
My aim is to whack the ball into her open mouth :D

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Annihilate her with speedy moves.
It builds character.
She will eventually wipe the floor with you.
One of my brothers glued sandpaper to the paddle to be able to put some english on the ball.
I lost a lot .

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Show no mercy.

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Don’t wear slippery shoes.
Win, but not by a lot. That way she will think she can take you next time.
I would go mostly with ping, and just when she thinks she has you figured out, hit her with some pong.

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See now I’d pong, everyone expects the ping….haha!

And like @ragingloli, no mercy!

I grew up with a huge ping pong table in the rec room and loved it, making me jealous!

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She’ll probably let you win.

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“Let the Wookie win.”

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Well that went well :D
We played a 5 set match with her winning 3 to 2.
I totally forgot what the points went up to & so decided each game would be first to 13.
In one, I was up 12 to 5 & somehow managed to lose…I tore the net down at that point lol

I forgot how much of a workout the game is, 2hrs of ping pong makes your heart go bing bong XD

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