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Have you ever looked for something and ended up finding something you were previously looking for?

Asked by LostInParadise (29137points) July 17th, 2020
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What do you think of this approach? In order to find something, pretend that you are looking for something else. Do you think that might work?

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Maybe. ha ha!
I was looking for a certain pair of shoes in the closet when I found a different shoe I had thought the dog took outside.
I looked for this shoe all over the yard & inside the house for quite awhile.
I apologized to him.:P

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When things go missing.we say they went to the Land of the Lost. We keep a sticky note on the refrigerator with that heading. Items are added when lost and crossed out when found.
This encourages us to stop looking and figure it will turn up eventually.

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Yes, all the time.

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