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Is this true:Trump is trying to get the military to start a war so he can stop the election?

Asked by YARNLADY (46238points) September 1st, 2020
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If Trump declares “national security” he can stop the election.

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Wait @YARNLADY he is going to Wisconsin, he may have the DHS mystery troops use 50 caliber machine guns on all the children, women and clergy in the the streets ! Stay tuned he needs a “WIN” dead bodies maybe a “WIN” !


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@Tropical_Willie He was already here. Nothing bad happened.

I wouldn’t believe any bullshit rumors @YARNLADY I see them on both sides.

Trump is going to start a war,

The Democrats are going to commit mass mail fraud.

It’s all bullshit.

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I’ve read that there is no way he can stop the election from happening. And if he did and there was no President on January 20, then Nancy Pelosi becomes President.

I do think he is stirring up his alt-right militias to commit racial violence so that he can make “aw and order” the issue of the day rather than the massive failure of US Coronavirus policies.

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@SergeantQueen How they doing THAT ?

SOURCES please for fraud and no FOX NEWZ or TRUMP FOR PREZZZ ! !

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I think what I heard was if there is a state of emergency declared then the election can be delayed. I’m not exactly sure the whole rational behind why people are worried Trump could delay the election, but there does seem to be some legal basis for it. My mom explained it to me a few months ago. She’s nervous he would do it.

I think the left is using fear as much as the right and it’s destroying our country. I’m going to stick with nothing like that is going to happen. If I’m wrong I’ll blame it on being naive or in denial.

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@Tropical_Willie SQ was saying that both were bullshit rumors.

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Both things could happen. If he wants to declare a state of emergency or start a war or whatever, yes that would delay things. I’m sure a whole party of people could conspire and fuck up the mail system or whatever and sway the election that way too.

I am not saying either are happening, just that it could. But then you have to think, what is the likely hood of either happening? It’s all just people trying to create fear in other people’s minds.

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@janbb Things could stop the actual election from happening, sure. But yes if we don’t have a president by a certain date the Speaker of the House is acting president. I have heard conspiracies about that too. That the democrats are going to claim the mail voting clogged everything up just so Pelosi could be president. People are all over the place with theories.

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@SergeantQueen ARE YOU okay with TRUMP FOREVER (Hitler forever ) for a RATIONAL PERSON ! ! ! !

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He can’t stop the elections from happening. If he did, then Pelosi will be the interim President till an election is held.

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I am incredibly confused by what you are saying… I have said that the rumors are more than likely not true. I brought up the fact that the rumors are said about both republicans AND democrats trying to “steal” the election.

You are either confusing my words or are trying to start some sort of argument. I am not putting blame or making any accusation towards either political party. I am stating that the rumors are said about both and that if either party truly wanted to, they could “rig” the election. But I don’t believe either party will.

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IF the election should be called off or postponed (and that’s a very big and hypothetical ”IF”), according to the 20th amendment to the US Constitution, the terms of the President (and the Vice President) shall end at noon on the 20th day of January. So it doesn’t matter what the current president does. Unless he is reelected be the electoral college he will not longer be President at that time.

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It is more of a plan to suppress people he does not want to vote from voting.
It all fits together.
By doing fuckall against the pandemic, millions of people will be too afraid to vote in person.
He openly sabotages the post office to suppress vote-by-mail.
He willingly pours more fuel on the protest fire, and sends in his goons to incite violence, so that come election time, his goons can actively stop people from voting at literal gunpoint.

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@ragingloli Do you think the rioters will stop and vote?

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Nah, he’s not going to stop the election. That’s a sure lose for him. But he does what he can to stir up chaos as he feels it helps his chances of reelection.

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The war is already going on. Eight cities have been decimated to smoldering rubble. These are mostly African American districts. Their leaders told the police and law enforcement and the military to stand down.

Some weeks back, the damage was over 500 billion. So much for the Festival and Summer of Love.

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