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Is there someone in your family who has gone down the QAnon/conspiracy theory rabbit hole?

Asked by Demosthenes (14909points) December 18th, 2020
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I’m not referring to someone whom you simply differ from on politics, but someone who has embraced the more fringe conspiracy theory narratives online and maybe shares them online or tries to “recruit” you. Are you estranged from them because of it? Is there any reasoning with someone like that or do you consider them too far gone?

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Several. My family is firmly divided into the two parties, with only a few of us being more Centrist/ Libertarian.

One person and his immediate family are firmly convinced Trump was cheated out of the Presidency and it drives me crazy. They (and others here) still fly Trump flags and have Trump signs in their yards and will not remove them.

Sigh…I just laugh and go on, what can you do. They are also not much for masks (unless legally required) and say they prefer to be mentally healthy and rely on their immune systems.

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My bro in law.

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My son’s MIL sent me something that she said should go VIRAL about Bill Gates plotting genocide for years using Covid 19. I did not know she had crossed over to the dark side.

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I have anout 190 people I disclude from political posts. BIL is on that list.
The other day I stated a whimsical picture of Obama. It was more of a drawing and full of color. It was just a picture so I shared it with every one.
My BIL responded:
“Colors do not make him beautiful. Solyndra, cash for clunkers, fast and furious (Eric holder, if you don’t know), 1.5 billion to Iran, middle of the night, without congressional oversight, ISIS is a “JV team”, the red-line in Syria, weakest recovery from a recession in history. His preacher (reverend wright) said GD America. Ferguson MO riots, hands up, don’t shoot lie, Baltimore riots, Freddy Gray lie. Benghazi. Your standards are too low.

It’s the first time he’s ever reacted to any of my posts. The intensity of the hatred and vehemence shocked me.

I just responded with “Well hey Rob. Nice talking to you Bro!”

That is the ONLY interaction we’ve ever had.

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@Dutchess_III It kind of sounds like he feels about Obama, as many feel about Trump. Blame him for everything. But that doesn’t make it true, when the emotion is removed.

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Not quite as gone as QAnon, but yes, I have two.

One has been on the “world leaders are lizard people” thing for years. My suspicion is he’s mainly just trolling about the lizard people part. I haven’t had much contact with him in a long time, and have avoided talking to him about it when we have met.

Another is on the alt-right fearmonger bandwagon where supposedly most people have to worry about being rounded up and put in detention camps in the USA. He also has several of his own positions about people breaking into his computer, and Mexican Mormons taking over where he lives. I am willing to talk to him but he doesn’t bring up those subjects with me very much at all.

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He’s reaching pretty far to tie Obama into that stuff.
It’s a different thing all together with trump. He’s such a moron we just need to find a video of him actually saying or doing whatever.

One of the original SNL skits had his character saying “The media makes me look bad by reporting everything I do and everything I say.”

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My 46 year old nephew. He has swallowed the Qanon BS hook line an sinker.
He’ll say something and it is easy to find the exact quote on their website. He even says he “researched it”. .

It’s on the internet so it must be true.

I don’t bother any more.
As my father once said: “Only a fool argues with a fool.”

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No one in my family, but a friend who I used to spend a lot of time with where I currently live is completely brainwashed and trying to brainwash others.

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None I am glad to say.

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I have Republicans in my family but none are into the Q Anon or other crazy theories. The Republicans in my family are actually very logical about their politics, and respectful of others.

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Funny, I’d thought I already answered this. Maybe I didn’t hit the button before leaving the page. Anywho…

Several have. Probably most. With a couple of exceptions most of my family/extended family are credulous morons.

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My nephew is spouting to anyone who will listen that they should not get the Covid vaccine because in a year they will get Bell’s Palsy. He feels It is too much of a risk for a 1 in 100 death rate.

It turns out four people out of the 38,000 person trial did get Bell’s palsy after the injection but that number is below the number of the general population.
So there is a 4 in 38,000 chance of getting BP. or 0.01 %. And that is too high a risk?!
BUT a 1% death rate is not too high?

Who is starting this crap and why? Who benefits by spreading this nonsense?

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@LuckyGuy I heard that some of the people who developed BP during the trials were in the placebo group. I don’t know if the 4 includes the placebo people or not.

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People spread that crap around because it makes them feel knowledgeable and smart and important.

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@LuckyGuy Hopefully enough of us will get the vaccine that the FACTS will be spread much faster than the lies. I’m ready anytime if it gets me out of this house and back to living.

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