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What genre of music is vastly underrated? What kind of world music do you listen to and enjoy?

Asked by AK (1597points) February 6th, 2021
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The other day, I discovered the world of professional yodeling in Europe and was blown away by the skill levels of singers. I knew about yodeling…but never imagined it as a complete and complicated genre on its own. What are the types of music that you’ve similarly discovered and enjoyed? Share those genres with us, so that, we can have fun too…

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I’ve been getting into electronic jazz lately, especially the kind that’s very minimalistic and psychedelic. I particularly like the artist “Flying Lotus”.

Definitely not going to be everyone’s cup of tea.

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Music of the 30’s. Made long before I was born. I like the old big band music also old Dixie Land Jazz and love Cole Porter, George Gershwin. I enjoy Rod McKuen as I think of him as a throwback to the past. The country style music that I like the most is from Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys.

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@gondwanalon. All favorites of mine as well.
Recently there has been a resurgance in interest in Sea Shanties, and I have been enjoying listening to some.

I hope this link works.

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British style brass band

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I enjoy Native American drum circle songs.

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I’m listening to Iran’s top 50 just now on Spotify. It’s pretty good.

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Native drumming is great!
Also throat-singing and I’ve always loved chanting.

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Electro-swing. It incorporates (sometimes literally, using tracks) 1940s swing music with modern-day electronic dance music. Great stuff

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