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Why did Betty and Barney Rubble adopt Bam Bam?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24548points) February 11th, 2021
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Was one of them sterile?

Humor welcome.

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Because Barney was infertile.
Hey, did you know that their last name in the German version was “Geröllheimer”?

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They were trying the “wham bam thank you ma’am” method, but it didn’t work.

So they went for the “bam” instead.

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I always kinda figured the Flintstones took place before biological procreation was invented. You know, they just had bird phones and saber tooth tiger lawnmowers, and I presume, a pterodactyl was on stork duty for all baby making needs.

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After being told by Fred that they spent too much time playing with Pebbles and to “get your own baby”, Betty and Barney wished upon a star for one. Soon after, they found an abandoned infant on their doorstep, with the name of “Bam-Bam”, according to the note left in the basket. After a court battle in which they defeated noted lawyer, “Perry Masonry”, who was representing a wealthy man who wanted to adopt Bam-Bam, the couple were allowed to adopt Bam-Bam legally and permanently.

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