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How many people are on Fluther?

Asked by KRD (1828points) February 17th, 2021
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How many people do you think are on Fluther?

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3,457 give or take a few.

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Currently active? at peak participation? or all-time total?

Actually I don’t know the answer to either one, but there is a big difference between the high of a few years ago and the present diminished roster of participants.

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All time total.

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You can look at the awards section. That shows how many people asked first question, sent first message, answered a question, etc.
Here is a sample:

Sardine Received first great answer. Awarded to 15222 users.
Tadpole Received first great question. Awarded to 10814 users.
Jelly-Asker Asked first question. Awarded to 29020 users.
Jelly-Helper Wrote first answer. Awarded to 37843 users.
Guppy Received first message. Awarded to 19170 users.
PB & Jelly Sent first message. Awarded to 9146 users.

It is fun reading. Enjoy!

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The list provided by @LuckyGuy is the best you’ll get for all-time users. The best estimate for those who are currently active is between 40 and 60.

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My estimate for the active ones is about 40.

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I think it’s higher, unless you limit your sense of “active” to people who post just about every day.

And there must be a couple hundred more who ramble in and out, whose names are familiar and who may have been regulars back when it was all a lot livelier.

Quiet isn’t all bad, though. It’s better than warfare, which drives people off.

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@Jeruba: I was limiting my sense of “active” to people who post at least every few days.

I have fond memories of a lot of Jellies who we may hear from now and then, but I don’t count them as “active.”

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Nowadays it feels like there are like six people or so.

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@bob_ Hungry? Want a Spam musubi?

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Tsk…spam musubi isn’t a sandwich.

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There is no new development. As we keep saying. The founders have long since moved on; they left the site running as a favor to users. Now and then something breaks and Ben fixes it.

Use Google for better search results. Precede your search query with ‘’ to limit results to the contents of the Fluther site.

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