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Is there something you like to buy that needs a few adjustments to be perfect?

Asked by Ltryptophan (11628points) March 28th, 2021
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Sometimes I find there are products that are good as is, but with one or two tweaks they are excellent. This could be food. This could be an article of clothing.

Do you have anything(s) like this?

I’m especially curious if some you’ve discovered and will share are supposed to already be the very best of their kind.

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My first inclination was to answer “women” but that’s likely to get me into hot water.

My serious answer is shirts – specifically men’s casual shirts. I have a wide neck and long arms. I can’t buy shirts off the rack – either the neck is too small (but the sleeve length is OK) or vice versa.

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the first things that came to mind are pellet guns and optics. Both can be the best in class but when mated together need to be adjusted to make them perfect.

Binoculars need to be adjusted so they match my eyes.

The fanciest car in the world still needs to have the seats adjusted and the radio stations set.

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Canned soups and frozen meals. Needs salt, pepper, and 1 or 2 teaspoons of MSG.

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Yes. SUBWAY makes a terrific foot-long turkey sandwich. You can get one with everything except hot peppers, but not to exclude sweet cherry peppers. The one thing SUBWAY doesn’t have is sour cream. Pick some up at the store and slather some on the sandwich before devouring.

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Japanese hand planes need to be hand-tuned out of the box. They can take shavings as thin as 4 microns in thickness in competitions (a human hair is around 50–90 microns for reference).

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I would like to be able to buy pants, jeans especially, because that’s what I wear the most, to have deep enough front pockets to accommodate my phone, and even better yet, if those pockets had zippers, so that when I lean over or bend down, my phone would stay put.

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Pasta sauce in a jar can be tweeked into a quite pleasant piece of dinner. I keep a couple of jars for those times everyone wants spaghetti but I’m in no shape to slice, dice, mush, fry, and stir watch stir watch stir watch.

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