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What is the one junk food you can't resist?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (23039points) March 31st, 2021
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Chocolate cream pie loaded with whipped cream on top.

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Just one??

Top of the list is Wise Potato Chips.

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<———- ::ahem::

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Everything chocolate.

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Peanut M & M’s.

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White Cheddar Cheez-Its

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Chips in US or crisps in UK.

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Cookie dough.

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It depends on the day. I am nothing if not fickle.

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Turner Dairies Home Made Vanilla Ice Cream.

I eat a whole carton of it in one evening.

Toaster Strudels (I eat them frozen or semi-thawed), doughnuts, and eggnog are also among what I can’t resist.

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Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate milk, together or separate.

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GOOD ice cream. It’s getting harder to come by.

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@filmfann: The veal of cookie-world.

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It’s torture to try to pick one. But I’ll go with chocolate chip cookies made from scratch fresh out of the oven.

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Is that a junk food @anniereborn ? I would consider them a food staple.

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@SQUEEKY2 Yeh, that is kinda on the line there

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Candy. I bought a tiny bit for funzies for Easter and keep grabbing a jelly bean when I walk by. Sigh.

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@KNOWITALL They’re junky sugar but man – they are addictive!

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@janbb I don’t even like the taste haha!

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Junk food. Enough said :)

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Black licorice or cheese and crackers at home. Just plain water crackers or saltines with regular cheddar, or Gouda. Any store brand/generic will do.

Occasionally ice cream but I think of it more as a dessert, not a snack food/junk food.

If I go to someone’s house and they have veggies and dip or chips and dip, I can’t resist. I try not to have it in the house.

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Laura Secord chocolate Easter eggs.

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I can’t resist any of them so I don’t buy any. Tomorrow is an exception and I’ll buy a chocolate Easter egg.

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@jca2 Black licorice and cheese/crackers are two of my favorite snacks too! Sometimes that’s my supper haha!

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Black licorice is disgusting.
It is Satan’s condensed ballsack sweat.

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@ragingloli You must be one of the chosen to have evolved taste buds like ours.
Do you hate Jaegermeister, too?

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I only drink Waldmeister.

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@ragingloli Sounds interesting, never heard of it. You always make me Google something new…haha!

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@KNOWITALL @ragingloli: The taste for black licorice is said to be genetic. Apparently @KNOWITALL and I have the “pro-black licorice” gene.

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a.k.a. inferior genetics.

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@jca2 Then you probably like Nyquil, Jaeger bombs and absinthe haha! It was imported originally in root form as medicine, I read.

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@KNOWITALL: I like German cookies that are spicy, and generally I tend to like things that are gingery. I’ve had Jaegermeister and it’s weird. I also like Dr. Pepper.

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@KNOWITALL @jca2 The Black Licorice gene is Norwegian in origin. Several Norwegians I know have said black licorice is very common in Scandinavia. Are there any Scandinavians here who will comment / testify to this?

I love salted black licorice and I grow anise hyssop to put in my tea. I even like it in root beer.

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@Yellowdog Interesting, makes sense. I speculate my father’s family has Northern European roots, since the entire family including myself were tow heads with blue eyes.

Where can you find anise to grow, I’ve never seen it here. I may check into that!

I also read last night, it’s a great remedy for asthma, voice/throat issues, kidney issues, and even your private areas…lots of applications from the Roman’s, Greeks and China/ Asia.

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Heart Attack Special from MackyD’s (Big Mac) with fries and a chocalate shake. Can’t beat that with a stick. As my Old Pappy always said, I don’t care, I’m gonna die anyway.

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I’ve been eating a full carton of vanilla ice cream daily. And I am a diabetic. Help?

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@Yellowdog. Take better care of yourself man. That doesn’t sound like a good idea.

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