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If the Grim Reaper existed, would there not have to be millions of them?

Asked by ragingloli (49024points) May 12th, 2021
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The classical outfit of a black robe and scythe would be more like a uniform, and there would have to be millions of Grim Reapers to harvest souls when humans die, since millions die daily.

And, since the global population grows every years, their numbers would have to grow as well.
How do you think the Grim Reaper species increases its numbers?
Do they procreate?
Or do they recruit new members of theirs species, like this?

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Like pretty much all religious references to gods and other figures representing concepts and archetypes, the grim reaper is not a literal figure, except in overly-literal representations in art and parody, silly fiction, and ill-considered misunderstandings.

There may literally be spirits or other things that welcome the consciousness of the dying to the state after a body dies, and yes certainly those occur in proportion to the dying.

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Obviously he sows new ones.

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Each soul comes into this world with its own personal grim reaper.

When you are ill, they are there beside you.

When you are standing at the brink contemplating death, they are with you.

When you are dropping a fat deuce, they are with you.

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There would’t be a need since The Grim Reaper is not bound by the measures of time.

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Don’t know about he Grim Reaper, but Charon has certainly needed a bigger ferry.

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That is why he sank the Titanic. He needed that boat.

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What do you mean if he exists…
I saw him once for a second but I was quicker.

I bet each person who dies becomes the next one’s grim reaper.

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I would love a Jewish jelly to answer this since they have a different interpretation than others.

Here’s the reddit answer, which is under ‘fantasy’:
......the Gods ordered the Grim Reaper to begin recruiting other Reapers from the souls of the dead humans. The Grim Reaper did so and began recruiting souls from those who tried cheating death, people who were pretty unremarkable or lived unremarkable lives or were wronged in life or were killed and desired vengeance, which they would get in exchange for becoming a Reaper. When a person becomes a Reaper, their skin becomes grey and dried, their hair whitens and they become thin. They wear long dark cloaks/robes and wield scythes to protect themselves from dangerous spirits/creatures as well as to hunt down rogue souls or souls who try escaping death or try to or do cheat death (but only if they cause an imbalance in the world or are evil).

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According to Piers Anthony’s version of the Grim Reaper (Thanatos, the Incarnation of Death), he only attends to cases where the person’s soul is balanced between good and evil. Those that are mainly good or mainly evil do not require his attention and they automatically move on to the appropriate place. That cuts down the work load quite a bit.

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That reminds me of the “short story Charon by Lord Dunsany.

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Maybe it’s the Grim Reaper and the Reaperettes!

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No. Souls would simply be processed faster than a electrically driven Gatling gun delivers bullets.

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Death isn’t the grim reaper. She’s a cute young woman who dresses in black and wears Goth makeup who smiles a lot.

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No need, Grim gets around. That’s Mr. Reaper to you.

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Why is he/she/it grim? With that sort of volume, it should be a ‘Happy Reaper’ because it’s so productive.

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Don’t fear The Reaper.

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