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Is it stealing if you share a portion of an all you can eat meal with a tablemate?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19326points) May 25th, 2021
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Like a single deep fried shrimp?

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Yes, technically it would be stealing.

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Yes, that’s why you can’t take leftovers home. One shrimp isn’t a big deal but don’t let them see you.

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Yes. And given that a deep fried shrimp is usually a “Jumbo Prawn” it IS a big deal.

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Yes. But don’t worry, You won’t get away with it.

At my favourite Chinese buffet, I saw a woman get charged an additional buffet for sharing her food with her baby that was only about a year old.

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@Yellowdog That IS over the top. A 12 month old baby doesn’t eat enough to amount to anything. I hope that mistake reflected on their reviews.

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Businesses are often like that.

I remember the woman apologizing and saying politely she just wouldn’t be back. Though they insisted she pay, I think she just said no, but she just wouldn’t be back.

Sharing a meal at a buffet is definitely stealing. But someone else eating food already taken, while technically stealing, is in the iffy area. after all, the food’s already accidentally unsaleable.

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Yes, technically. But enforcing that is a job I wouldn’t do.

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If you you only paid for one person, then yes. However if both people paid foe the full buffet, then no.

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@YARNLADY If both people paid, why share the food?

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In our family, we often share even though all are paid for, because we get a different variety on our plates and don’t want to go back. Just being lazy. Also, to encourage the little ones to try something different.

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