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What's something you lost a long time ago and still miss?

Asked by kneesox (3588points) 2 months ago
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Could be something major, like a friend, or something small, like a favorite pair of socks. The key words are lost (in different senses, but not intentionally, and not trashed or stolen) and long time ago (years) and miss.

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My former cats and relatives who passed away.

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My wedding band, inscibed inside with our wedding date. Lost it years ago and been kicking myself in the butt for it ever since.

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My high school boyfriend a year after we graduated and more recently, my beloved husband.
Also, my German Shepherd dog.

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A black baseball cap that had scrambled eggs on the brim and a Detroit Diesel Allison patch.

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A letter from my father written just before he died.

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I lost my heart to a starship trooper…<sniff>

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My youth.

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My virginity, but I’ll always have Disco! ;-p

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My chai pendant that was given to me by my grandmother. I wore the pendant on a necklace.

For anyone who doesn’t know what chai looks like or what it means here’s a link:

Also, my dad’s wedding band. I used to have it, but it was stolen.

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My hair, I started losing it in the sixth grade.

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Every pet I have raised and lost. All fiercely missed.

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I still miss my two friends I made on here. They were the stepping stone for me to get out of my toxic relationship and become a better person. They showed me that I don’t have to prove myself to be worthy of love.

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@canidmajor I agree completely with the “every pet I ever loved and lost”. That is huge to me!
My body from my twenties. My mom, my sister (I can’t include Darth, it’s only been two months), my brother and several friends.

One thing I really hope I find when I pack up and clean this house is my wedding ring. It’s been gone several years and I miss it like crazy, especially now.

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My kids when they were little. I miss them. My heart aches with missing them. Knowing I’ll never see them again is…..

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@Dutchess_III You miss them being little? You don’t mean some of your children passed away do you? I don’t remember that.

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My audio cassette tape where my mom reads me a superman comic book.

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@Brian1946 – WHAT?! You lost yours too ??

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Thanks! I consider your thought that I was still a virgin to be a moral victory. ;-)

Isn’t there a procedure whereby you can “recover” yours?

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@Brian1946 – Just wondering if we were at the same party…

But no, I didnt have the extended warranty ;)

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My innocence (no, not virginity). My animals.

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