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How do I disable the Outlook calendar?

Asked by Jeruba (55825points) August 13th, 2021
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I’m using a calendar program called Rainlendar that I like but that takes a lot of memory. Their FAQ says I can reduce the memory usage by disabling the installed Outlook calendar. How do I do that?

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What device are you on?

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Select the calendar on the bottom left of your screen.
In Calendar options, select ‘enable an alternate calendar’.

I don’t see any disable options, only alternate calendar on the updated Outlook.

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@janbb, it’s a Dell laptop, Inspiron 7570, with Windows 10.

@KNOWITALL, thanks, but I’m not using an Outlook calendar now. I don’t recognize the navigation you’re describing. I thought it would be something under apps, but Outlook isn’t there. I’m afraid of uninstalling or disabling something I can’t recover that I might actually need.

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Don’t know that much about Windows 10 so I’ll let one of our experts answer you.

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@Jeruba Gotcha, I don’t know much about the phone version, I gave you the most recent Windows laptop process. Good luck!

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If you look at the list of apps on your computer, is Outlook there? I’m asking, because you wrote above that it doesn’t appear. Perhaps it’s not on your computer.

If it is on your computer, it’s safe to delete the entire app. It’s a very simple thing to reinstall it again later if you need it.

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@Hawaii_Jake, thanks for helping. I think it’s there as part of MS Office (which I’m not using), and I don’t know if I can separate it. I found the app, but it’s asking me to sign in, and I’m not doing that. I don’t think I’ve ever used it. But the Rainlendar FAQs imply that just its presence, even without use, causes a memory drain because their software has to check it for updates.

Since it said disable and not delete, I’m assuming there’s a practical difference. How do I disable without deleting?

Just for the fun of it, what would be the simple thing to reinstall it later?

@KNOWITALL, thanks for trying. I didn’t mention phone, though. It’s a laptop, as I said to @janbb.

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All this sounds more complex than my knowledge can help with.

I can state with assurance that it is possible to have MS Office without having Outlook. You can check by going to the list of programs on the computer and opening the little Office file folder. You will see the list of programs included with your type of Office.

To reinstall Outlook after it has been deleted, you would go to the Microsoft store and download it. There is a button to access the Microsoft store on your computer.

I do not know how to disable Outlook. I believe you are correct that such a maneuver must be possible since your instructions suggest it.

I wish you good luck.

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I thought I posted a Youtube link on this thread for you. Maybe I posted it somewhere else?

Anyway, hope this is a help:

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Find your search symbol (magnifying glass) or the word ‘search’ and type in calendar – just calendar, not outlook (to keep it simple). Hopefully that will get you started and you’ll be able to see what should be done. Hope that helps! Let us know if you get it disabled; I’m curious.

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