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Why do most commercials for universities, college or schools feature only female actors?

Asked by Samantha4One (1308points) September 6th, 2021
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This question is not biased for anybody, i just want to know why many (most) commercials/ads for educational institutes (on TV, banner board hoarding, newspaper or on websites) feature only females actors?

I can’t name any but you must’ve seen such ads many times. The reason can’t be what i am thinking! can it?

Please explain if you do know it..

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What are you thinking?

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I don’t see a notable female majority.
I think they likely feature most whatever demographics they might feel are under represented at their particular institution.

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Hmmm…I haven’t noticed that. In fact, if I remember right, I see a variety of people, including males, females, races, and ages, even moms with kids. It’s to the institution’s advantage to use a wide variety of people in their ads.

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First, you’re just incorrect to state that most feature only female actors, unless you are mostly looking at ads from all-female schools.

So I assume you are just exaggerating at least the word “only”. Assuming that’s the case,have you done or seen an objective study that that is the case, or could it be just the commercials that you happen to have noticed?

Is it possible that they just feature more females than most other ads you see (which tend to de-emphasize females)?

I do remember that even decades ago, school ads seemed to intentionally feature a variety of ethnicities and ethnically and gender-mixed groups of students, and that was a noticeable bias different from their or the general population. The reason there, would be to communicate that they welcome and include everyone, and that everyone will get along with everyone else at their school.

Showing many (or at least half) female actors may also be a way to try to signal that the school is in no way sexist.

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If they are, it wouldn’t make much sense as women are now in the majority at many universities and it’s men who are “underrepresented”.

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Actually, if the men were under represented they’d want to show more females @ Demosthenes.
“Looky what we got for you!”

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Yeah, because apart from universities, there’s no women that are single and potentially available.
And men that have the capacity to study are attracted by p&#@y, not so much by degrees and possible carreers.

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Well, I can’t relate. I went to college to “gay out”. ;)

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But not in the same concentration as at colleges @rebbel. You work in an office, you have maybe 4 women to choose from. And 3 of them aren’t interested.
Same with everywhere else you work.
Colleges have hundreds of women you can cross paths with every day.

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I think women would trust something being said by a woman and men would rather look at a woman. So the ads get more attention overall.

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