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Let's play the "Florida Man Birthday" game.

Asked by Forever_Free (7002points) September 21st, 2021
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In a search engine like google simply type in
Florida Man and your birthday month and day
Tell us what the headline reads

Example with a random birthday:
Florida Man November 12

Florida man breaks into restaurant, strips naked, eats noodles, plays bongos

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I see there’s an actual website.

I tend to be leery of things that ask for my birthdate as I am leery of identity theft. Leery or paranoid, whichever you choose to call it.

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It involves beer and an alligator. I know how little that narrows it down.

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@jca2 apologies. I wasn’t asking for birthdate.

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@Forever_Free: I know you weren’t but I wouldn’t search for it on the internet, is what I’m saying.

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The “Florida Man” meme is based on shaming the poor and those with mental health issues.

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^^ ??

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Man attempted to board a plane with a rocket launcher!

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Florida man wearing gloves steals all the chicken wings at 7-Eleven

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Florida man rides Sea-Doo on highway.

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What’s wrong with this picture? I thought Texas had the monopoly on morons and lunatics.

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^^^^^ You got the that ^^^^^^

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Ugh. Please look into why “Florida Man” is a thing, and why it’s pretty f*cked up to perpetuate it.

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FLORIDA MAN Arrested After Trying to Hide Legless, Runaway Girlfriend In Storage Container
“John Robert Carr Jr. tried to hide Krystle Lee Anderson, who was wanted for her failure to appear in Orange County in a 2015 case in which she was accused of trying to rob a Burger King with a BB pistol.”

TEXAS MAN, “Accused of Assaulting H-E-B Cashier – with bag of lettuce and steak, police say.”

NEW YORK MAN, “Repeatedly punched a 64-year-old man — breaking his nose and fracturing his face — in an unprovoked attack inside a Brooklyn train station over the weekend, cops said.”

Men, men, men, men, Manly men, men…

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@product Unfollow.

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“Florida man accused of stealing Disney costumes wrestles with deputies.”

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@product It seems to me that “Florida man” is a thing because Florida in fact has so much crazy in it. The times I actually visited Florida, I readily saw an undeniably real amount of crazy driving and other weirdness, and even before landing, it struck me that just trying to “develop” the huge wetland / jungle / swamp for so much human dwelling looked like a crazy kind of mistake.

There are crazy antics everywhere, and states do have reputations that of course don’t apply even to most people, but who would we protect by resisting “Florida man”? The sensible well-behaved people of Florida?

And/or are you saying it is somehow helpful to abstain from “Florida man” because that would somehow aid impoverished or mentally ill people, to not share “Drunk Florida Man Tries to Use Taco as ID After His Car Catches Fire at Taco Bell”?

Can we share Florida Man headlines that aren’t about poverty or mental illness, but are just about extreme ignorance, such as “Thousands of Gun Owners in Florida Planning to ‘Shoot Down’ Hurricane Irma”?

And even if we don’t mention Florida Man, what if we just share ”[SOMEONE] Charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon After Throwing Alligator Through Wendy’s Drive-Thru Window”? Hmm, I wonder where that happened?

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Drunk Florida man arrested for allegedly stealing floating tiki bar

(So many choices!!)

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I entered the birthday of “beloved” FL Governut Ron DeathSantis, September 14:

“Shirtless Florida man travels to Myrtle Beach to head bang during Hurricane Florence”.

Seems rather pedestrian compared the actions of a shirted man who yearns to financially punish cruise lines that won’t allow unvaccinated, potential Covid carriers on their ships, and school leaders if they require masks.

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For those born on Leap Day – -

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — A Florida man set fire to his hospital bed in an attempt to get the attention of nurses because he felt that they were ignoring him, police said.

John David King, 75, admitted to using a lighter to set a plastic bag on fire at a hospital in New Smyrna Beach on Saturday, news outlets reported.

He didn’t intend to hurt anyone but was upset, police said, because he felt nurses were ignoring him when he asked that they bring him his clothes. King had been admitted to the hospital for respiratory failure.

King’s roommate, Samuel Moreno, told him to put out the fire, but said King relit it instead, and flames erupted. Moreno pressed his emergency button and a nurse came to douse the bed with a fire extinguisher.

Meanwhile, King left the room and made his way to the elevators before he was arrested and booked into the Volusia County Jail on a $15,000 bond, The Miami Herald reported.

The bed was damaged beyond repair and will cost $4,000 to replace, a hospital administrator told

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It just so happens that you entered the birthday of Aileen Wuornos!

Consequently, I entered Florida Woman: “FL woman’s maternity photo with baby gator, shotgun, beer”.

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If anyone is interested, this episode of Citations Needed does a pretty good job of exploring how problematic the meme is.

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I’m so shocked to learn that testosterone is a MAJOR component of such behavior! ;-0

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@product – Everything is problematic if some people laugh and others don’t.

There. I’ve just been totally insensitive. But – you have no understanding of the deep insecurities and neurosis that require me to seek professional help, while at the same time compelling me to laugh at STUPID HUMANS!!! So don’t you dare judge me – Faceless white male in a suit.

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@Brian1946 – Yes. Posession of testosterone should be ILLEGAL AND PUNISIHABLE BY IMPRISONMENT!

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♥♥That don’t matter none to me, @Poster Above, because I’m already a prisoner of love!♥♥

However, my preemptive estrogen treatments should provide a good safety net.

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Florida authorities claim a man stabbed his ex-girlfriend with a sword and then hit her with his truck.

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Florida Man Arrested for Handing Out Marijuana “Because It Was Christmas”

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Florida Man Ends Police Standoff For A Slice Of Pizza

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This isn’t my birthday one, but I ran across it and thought it was pretty funny:

Florida Man Pretends to be Prosecutor, Tries Dropping Charges Against Himself

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Florida man was caught on camera trying to evade arrest—by cartwheeling away from the police.

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