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What are some ideal jobs/careers/hobbies/crafts for the night owl?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24329points) December 13th, 2021
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I did night shift in a convenience store and will not do that again. Or at least until I develop a more resilient personality.

Ideal jobs like astronomy.

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Why not a night security guard at a mall or business ?
Or a janitor ?

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Some factories have a night shift. Factories have endlessly differing variables. Some require physical strength. Some require standing in one small space for each person.
I worked a temporary job at a plastics factory. I thought it was kind of cool except for the smell. They made a variety of things according to the current orders. At first I was asking hangers. The machine spit them out into a vat of water to cool the hot plastic. My job was to fish them out, clip tags and strings where hot plastic had leaked out of the mold, and toss them in a huge box. The other thing we made during my short time there was hummingbird feeders. They let everyone take one home.
A regular employment factory I worked at was a junk mail factory. It was weird, cool, fun, and boring. The pages were printed at another business, and so we received cartons of each different page. We loaded them into a machine which slid one of each page into the mailer envelope, licked it and sealed it. That job had several different things each person had to do in their individual work stations.

Trains run around the clock. There are lots of positions involved.

Oh! Oh! I worked another temp job at a place which put together meals for local businesses. People cooked various foods, other people dipped some of each food into container sections. It was just like frozen dinners, but fresh. It went to some schools, shut in people, and some local businesses used those in place of having their own cafeteria.
During our meal breaks, we ate the food we made, so, higher chance of good quality.

A lot of nocturnal jobs require driving; taxi, food delivery, truck drivers, bus driver.

There are cleaning service companies which clean office buildings at night when the offices are empty.

Hotels are round the clock businesses.

Lots of businesses have night security which involves sitting in front of tv screens which are viewing for security cameras. If something comes up, they call police or fire department.

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Had a friend that worked part-time at supermarkets restocking the merchandise on the shelves. He worked midnight to six.

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Catburglar, assassin, prostitute.

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GA @rebbel we know one here on Fluther.

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Repo man
Youtube video reactor
Tiktok ranter
Tiktok dance challenge

I believe every city should encourage night shift child care.

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Security guard
Suicide prevention operator

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Universities often have libraries that need attendants through the night. It’s usually a decent job with benefits, and tons of time to work on anything else you feel like, since you’re basically a warm body.

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As far as hobbies, reading or playing Solitaire.

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