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Can anyone think of the name of this book?

Asked by smudges (10588points) December 14th, 2021
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It’s a story about a young boy who wants to learn how to play a guitar and the old man who teaches him. There’s also a little dog who belongs to the man and pops up throughout the book.

It doesn’t begin in the U.S., but ends up here? The old man plays magnificently. The story is told by other people relating their experience with this boy who has grown up to become an amazing musician. It’s a true story, because it mentions famous people who heard the boy play after (or as) he grew up.

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A friend found it for me!

“The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto” by Mitch Albom (also wrote “Tuesdays with Morrie”)

From the description, this wasn’t my kind of book, but omg I’m glad I read it – twice!

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I’ll try it out.

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It’s SO good! Hope you enjoy it. It’s a little weird because it’s narrated by Music, but you’ll get used to that.

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