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In need of medical information about certain situations (for a comic)

Asked by AnxiousArtist (14points) December 17th, 2021
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(Sorry this is a bit long) I’m trying to create a comic, and I want it to be realistic(story wise). So I have a few questions:
1. Does moving the body of a person in a coma constantly, stop muscle fatigue from occurring? If not, is there a way stop muscle fatigue from happening or at least lesses the affects?
2. How do people in coma’s eat? Do they use feeding tubes, or IVs that give them the vitamins and nutrients they need? (I’m sorry, I’m not educated in that kinda thing ;w;)
3. (This kinda stems from question 2) If the patient were to wake up and take out what they were feeding or taking nutrients from, what would be the damage? How badly can they get hurt? How dangerous is it?
4. (This is more of a sciency question) What are some things that have a highly explosive reactions when they come in contact with a certain liquid?

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Adding water to some acids will create a explosive reaction. You can put acid into water but not the other way around.
This is a story I heard years ago:
There was a guy who worked in a car battery manufacturing plant who was always spitting. Someone warned him not to spit in the acid but he did anyway. The acid reacted and the spitter was then drenched in acid.
So, don’t spit in the acid!

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Don’t add potassium to water

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In order keep and build muscle mass, a strain on the muscle is required. Just moving the body part does nothing.
Astronauts on the ISS have that problem. Due to a lack of gravity, their bodies atrophy in space, even though they do regular workouts in their space station.

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1) Muscle atrophy will occur. Using passive range of motion will help prevent contractures and keep things from locking up but you will still get muscle fatigue

2) Orogastric or nasogastric feeding tubes. Or IV nutrition

3) You mean they wake up and pull the tubes? No damage.

4) Any metal from the first column of the periodic table will react with water. They get more reactive the farther down the column you get.

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4) Acid explosions are fun. I’ve done it before and didn’t die.
Nitric acid + glycerin = Unstable nitroglycerine (Boom!), due to the H2O in the reaction.
Hypergolic rocket fuels are 1000x more dangerous: hydrazine (nerve agent) + nitrogen tetroxide (acidic) = huge explosion.
VX nerve gas is a binary nerve agent: mix part A with part B.

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There are different types of coma, and different rates of recovery.
Likely, someone just emerging from a coma would not be able to pull their IV. Even if they did, there is almost no chance they could go anywhere.
This explains in basic terms.

This one is in cartoon form, but explains a bit more.

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