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What is the most absurd and funny story you have?

Asked by vimead1 (595points) March 15th, 2022
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I love hearing absurd and funny stories, What are the best ones you have?

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The time my son got stuck in a mailbox.

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I have several. They all are very funny, and at the same time horrifying.

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I want to hear one @filmfann!

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11 years old on vacation in Yellowstone, middle of the night I have to pee. So grab the flashlight and coat; unzip tent. Coming back from latrine I got ¾s of the way back when I met a grizzly cab coming the other way. I flashed the light in their eyes and hollered, luckily they turned and ran.

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This is an actual text between my daughter and my son….but my daughter thought she was texting a girlfriend who didn’t have a job. :D

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Mom and I were at a laundromat and a rock band came in. Mom was very excited. They thought our laundry basket was a trashcan (a tall one) and so we sat there until they left so she could retrieve it.

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Oh @Dutchess_III That’s too funny!

I was walking on the tarmac to board a plane once, in darkness at about 4:30am. No one was around, and I saw a plane in front of me, so I climbed the stairs. When I got to the doorway, it was dark and there wasn’t anyone in it. Someone at the bottom of the stairs who was headed toward the plane I was supposed to be on called up to me, “That’s not the right plane!” Talk about embarrassed! But why the heck didn’t they have someone walking us out or standing out there directing us. We had to go past the plane I got on to get to the one I wanted; it seems logical that I’d get on the first one I came to!

Another plane one: (I told my sister I need one of those tags on my shirt that says “Please take care of ________”) I got to the gate and no one was there, not even at the desk. I thought I was early so I sat down, but I was unsure, so I kept looking around. After several minutes I saw someone in a uniform come from the ramp/tunnel thing, and he was looking around. I stood up and he asked, “Are you _______ _______?” I said yes, and he said he was doing a last check to see if I was there, and that they were holding the plane for me. Again, talk about embarrassed! But I was flying to the scattering of my brother’s ashes and was sooo glad they waited for me!

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In short:
Ex decided to take our 4 year old to the opening of the New Museum to show ME that its so easy to look after him, just take him to interesting places?

Well within an hour he was back with him and declined to tell me what happened as he volunteered to take him for the day?

Later when I talked with my rambustious son and found out that he out ran his father going up the exculator on one side and then running the full length of that upper floor to get to the otherside and take another exculator going down as his father could be seen accorss the way going up. Lol

More things: his father gave him some gum to keep him chewing instead of talking
( I suspect).
When the gum ended up balled in one hole that is in a huge medeorite ( thousands of years old). ( security caught him on camera).

That in the western display of teepees he was found inside with the Native Indian maniquennins seated around a fake fire pit.

That his father was told never to bring his son back unless he is going to supervise him.

I laughed so hard as my son was not like that bad with me at east we talked about everything as we walked though that Museum weeks ago.

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