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Would this make you laugh?

Asked by DeLorean24 (296points) March 31st, 2022
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The following joke made me laugh. Would it you laugh, whether you’re a man or woman?

“If I wanted to intimidate you or hurt your dignity, which do, I’d put on my Will Smith costume, go on stage in front of a live audience, and slap somebody and say ‘Jada told me to defend myself.’”

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Can’t say it does.
Then again, I’m hard to please.

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It doesn’t. To me it’s pointless.

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It is non sequitur ! !

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Making a joke out of a rather serious issue is far from funny to me.

Keep your day job.

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Will Smith has gone down in my estimation since the Oscars incident and the more I think about it the more it annoys me so no, I wouldn’t find it funny.

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Nope – not seeing anything funny or witty there, not even in a “black” humor sort of way.

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How would THAT intimidate or hurt ME? And what about the proposition should I find laughable?

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Not funny.

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It is not an actual joke, but some kind of threat overexplained to such an extent that it becomes utterly meaningless.
Why would I be intimidated by you in black-face slapping someone else, while robbing yourself of any agency by claiming that someone else told you to do it? Pitiful.

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Ohh puleeeeze!

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It might depend on how it was said, and the context, but I expect at most, I’d smirk.

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Not even a mild chuckle

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Honestly, it doesn’t bring out any reaction at all. Maybe it depends on how it’s well spoken.

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No, it’s creepy.

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No I don’t get it, sorry.

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