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Seeing Roe vs. Wade is overturned will we celebrate conception day? 9.1/2 months before one's the birthday?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23789points) June 28th, 2022
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Just wondering.

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Well, overturning RvW didn’t outlaw abortions despite what is being broadcast. It just moved the decision to the states where it belonged all along. But if you are a pro-lifer I guess you could if you wanted to, though the term “birthday” indicates the day you were officially born, not the day you were conceived.

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@seawulf575 That’s why I added “conception day” in my question.

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WHY are you obsessed with “conception day” this fine morning???

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@LadyMarissa It just popped in my head. I wondered something similar when I was a teenager.
I’ve been up since 3am, while cleaning my apartment, for monthly inspection of apartment.

Also a Fluther Jelly answered “if one can charge an assault then ends with a miscarriage could be charged with murder?” “While at the same time the abortion be either way depending on your jurisdiction?” I was wondering and wanted to ask.

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Oh OK, your brain NEVER ceases to amaze me!!! LoL

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My mom always told me happy conception day and I hated it. Do not recommend.

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No. Conception to birth is not an exact number of days.

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