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Has your perception and views about bearded vs clean shaven changed over time?

Asked by JLeslie (63519points) July 30th, 2022
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Is the term clean-shaven offensive? It occurred to me as I wrote it that maybe it is no longer PC since it could imply that not shaven isn’t clean.

Did you or do you associate a beard with certain cultural, ethnic, or religious groups, and has it changed a lot over the years?

Were you taught any stereotypes about men with beards when you were young either from your family or from society?

Does it matter how long the beard is?

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I have had a beard since I was about years old. I’m triple that now.

I started it because I hated shaving. I still do. Sure, I trim it every month or so—it doesn’t grown very much from month to month.

As for what others think – I couldn’t give a flying fuck.

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I have had a beard ever since I could grow one,I like it trimmed nice and short.
Mrs Squeeky likes it ,and couldn’t care less about anyone else.
Sorry that really didn’t answer your question,I think right now it’s fashionable for men to have a beard ,and when not in fashion most will go back to clean shaven ,I will still have mine and for me it has nothing to do with politics, or religion .

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I left out the number above – I meant to enter 22 years old*

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My view of beards has never changed. I’ve always been envious of men who grow such magnificent thick beards. I could never grow a good beard (I’m 71). It’s just terrible looking (thin and patchy) so I never try. Can’t even grow a decent mustache. Hair on top of my head has always been very thin and baby fine.


I prefer to be called clean shaven. Much better that being called other things like the man with the crappy looking beard. HA!

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Nope. Not a fan of beards in general. Particularly scruffy ones. That said, I have seen some nice, well trimmed beards that look like a lot of work to maintain.

I’ve tried growing a beard, but after a week it starts bugging me and I shave it off.

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I think beards feel funny/poke and tickle especially mustaches. I prefer a guy that is clean-shaven and not that stubbly stuff either. Ewww

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I always associated beards with hillbillies. Try to stay shaved myself. Just my personal preference.

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@Nomore_Tantrums hillbillies, lol

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I know I know, that was politically incorrect. So sue me : ) @RayaHope

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@Nomore_Tantrums I find you one nasty beard for a whole day!

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I had a buddy in HS who planned on being a Rabbi and he grew a beard. Dude looked intellectual and smart though. Most dudes with beards in my area look like the south end of a north bound jackass.

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@Nomore_Tantrums LOL! damn..LOL!!

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No beard for me. Makes me look like Rip Van Winkle.

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My wife wants me clean shaven. I’d be full on scruff if it was not for her. I hate shaving.

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Ditto that @Blackwater_Park. I hate looking like shit though.

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I start out clean shaven but end up bearded, go figure.

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None of The Beatles had mustaches, but once they all had mustaches, they made Sergeant Pepper.

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Maybe it enhanced their genius as in the case of my old pal above mentioned…

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I’ve never been a fan, although some men with them are attractive. My husband has a handlebar and short beard, and gets a lot of compliments.

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@WhyNow that was very beautiful and I was teary-eyed by the end.

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@RayaHope Can I give you one more?
A chewing gum commercial that knocked me out. I hope it does you!

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Yes. Hair has no feeling so being shaved is obviously more sensual.

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18 year old – - Viking beard red with golden highlights

20 year old – - long sideburns no mustache

24 year old – - Mutton chops, handlebar mustache and shoulder length red hair

30 year old – - no sideburns no mustache

36 year old – - full beard (worked large aerospace company 75,00 employees, Executive VP came through for Christmas greetings, usually he would walk across the back row of the office which held 80 people. He came down my aisle shook my hand and said “Great bread Bill.” Boss was five feet away turned red. VP was in Navy Commander (submarines) said, “I could never grow that good a beard!”

38 years old – - -shaved everything including head

68 years old – - beard back but it is gray and white, played Santa for local organizations .

73 years old – - shaved beard and close cropped hair on head.

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@WhyNow Oh, my heart is about to explode!! Like half a life in one gum commercial *beautiful *

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Yes as I understood the facination years ago while watching a man get a makeover.

The beard that he had for years made him look older but they didn’t cut it all off but rather trimmed it to suit his face and character.

It looked fantastic but I suppose a lot of care in keeping it neat will be needed.

By the way another reason why men usually older men have a beard is becaue it

conveniently hid jowls and turkey neck, signs of aging and over weight.

I suppose most males don’t like preening themselves as most prefer to clean up and get going onto some adventure etc

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Not really.

Shaven = normal
Whatever Bearded = lazy and/or cool
Sculpted/cropped = piece of shit asshole fuckwit

It’s never really changed throughout history ever for any reason ever.

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@Smashley yikes your language is a little rough.

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@Smashley – usually is. Happens more when I’m tired. It seemed funny at the time.

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@Smashley okay… I can say dumb stuff if I’m tired too. I try to make sure I don’t do that but sometimes I don’t realize just how tired I am at night.

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