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Do you get cold after you eat?

Asked by chyna (50565points) August 22nd, 2022
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Every time I eat a meal, but not when I eat just an apple or something small, I get really cold. I usually have to turn on my space heater for about an hour to warm up. And it happens even when it’s warm in my office or home. Does this happen to you or someone you know? Someone please say yes because I don’t want to be a weirdo.

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No, but often my sinuses go nuts after I eat turning me into a walking phlegm ball.

Very attractive, I know.

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I have a friend who has to sneeze and blow her nose repeatedly after a meal.

Me? No. I’m a weirdo for other reasons!

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@cookieman I’m crying laughing!

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You’re a weirdo, Love.

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Oh, @chyna, that weirdo ship has sailed. Sorry.
Also, I get cold after eating only when I’m sick.
Sometimes we are sailing together.

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The reason you feel cold is that your body has increased the blood flow and volume in your gut to digest your meal.

Snacks would not do that to your body.

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No. Next time don’t eat directly from the refrigerator. Close the door.

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I don’t get cold after I eat.

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You are NOT alone!!! It doesn’t happen now after every meal, but it used to happen a LOT.

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@filmfann LOL!!!!!!! OMG haha!!!

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I don’t. If anything, the opposite. I tend to warm up and my heartrate increases. Part of why I don’t like to eat too close to going to bed, because I feel too hot and want only a light sheet over me (then I wake up in the middle of the night freezing).

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@chyna: If we shared a meal, I would wrap you in a blanket and you could hand me tissues.

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^^^ Awww, I am tearing up from the romantic visual there…

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You guys are funny! Thanks for making me laugh.
And thanks to those who were informative.

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No. Usually, it’s the opposite, I warm up while eating and it lasts for a little while.

Living in South Florida restaurants are often way too cold, too much air conditioning. When I forget a light sweat jacket or cardigan, I know that once I start eating I’ll feel better (warmer). It’s a thing I’m very conscious of. My husband would say the same, we both say it when we are uncomfortably cold before eating.

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Nope, the opposite. I was just talking about that the other day – wondering why I get hot after eating. If I eat anything hot I get a runny nose.

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You are not alone! The term you are looking for is: “post prandial shivers”. It sounds like a breakfast cereal.
I will occasionally feel cool and shiver for a few seconds after a meal. the shiver is like a cherry on top of the ice cream cone.

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Yes, but weirdly I only notice it at work.

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Same here!!!

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@chyna Maybe stop eating “chili” for lunch!

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This is not the definition of being a weirdo first of all.
Yes, When I eat ice cream, popsicles, freeze pops, and slushies
You are my favorite weirdo

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@janbb: That’s cold.

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@cookieman Cool it mister! lol

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Ice cold weirdo.

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When you eat your stomach uses a lot of blood to help digest and distribute etc.
As an aside that’s why you should wait a while before you exercise.
So… maybe your heart is not pumping properly. Talk to a doctor.

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