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Men: What questions could someone ask you to make you suddenly leave [SFW]?

Asked by gorillapaws (29135points) 3 months ago
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Someone asked in a different question: “Why do men suddenly have to leave after you’ve asked them a question?”

Which got me wondering what kind of question would it take for me to suddenly walk off on a date? I think it would be funnier to keep it [SFW], and let’s skip obvious things like racist or other intolerant questions (e.g. “What’s your favorite chapter of Mein Kampf?”).

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Assuming a first date…

1. When did you stop beating your former girlfriend?

2. TO how many women do you pay child support?

3. Did you bring your personal financial statement as I asked?

4. Want to meet my mother? She’s at the table in the corner.

5. Can I borrow $40000? I need it by tomorrow.

6. Can you give me your Facebook and Twitter logins? I want to see what your friends say about you.

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How much money do you make?
Are you ok with being celibate?
Why don’t you have a girlfriend already?

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Great answers so far. I just thought of this one:

“I knitted this sweater made with the hair from my dog. Do you like it?”

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I’ve thinking about a question that could do that, but honestly, there’s not one that could.
I have no taboos, where questions are concerned.

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“Want to see my cum tribute videos?”

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You’re an engineer? What kind of train do you drive?

Do you know a good place we can go to do this meth?

Do you have a problem with this monkey pox infection?

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Have you aver wanted to be married and have children? Bah bye, got a dental appointment.

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Can you help me plant and detonate my bombs?
I need some shoes. Can you loan me 20 grand?
Can you come to dinner? I’ll roast us a collie.
Have you been saved?

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“The pastor at my church says I shouldn’t be doing sinful, naughty stuff like this with you.”

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Do you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ our saviour?

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Hhhmmmm….keeping it SFW? Difficult. “Would you like to come to our gathering tonight? The Grand Vizier is going to be telling us when the UFOs will be here to take us to our own planets!”

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Thought of another one. She pulls out a salt shaker from her purse and applies a few shakes of a pepper-looking substance to her salad. “Would you care to try some of my grandfather with me?”

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Quit making me laugh It’s making me pee myself.
Can you share a cigarette?
Do you want me to hit you with this beer bottle? (She actually said this to me)
Can you help me to the bathroom, I’m a little bit drunk?
Or some anti-nerd statements.

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Also if she fixes my grammar while speaking to her.

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Esp. if she fixes it incorrectly.

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