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What do you think about my Star Trek theory?

Asked by ragingloli (50702points) 2 months ago
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This theory is about the creation of the Mirror Universe, and when it split off of the main timeline.
In “In a Mirror, Darkly”, an episode in the series “Enterprise”, Zefram Cochrane, after his successful warp flight, is shown killing the Vulcan landing party, and taking their ship by force, thus taking the first step towards the Terran Empire’s violent expansionism, and creating the Mirror Universe.

In the film “First Contact”, the Borg travel back in time to prevent Cochrane’s first warp flight, forcing the Enterprise E to follow them back in time, to stop the Borg’s plan, and ensure Cochrane’s success.

Later in the series “Enterprise”, in the episode “Assimilation”, recovered Borg technology and drones are found from the crashed Borg sphere, establishing the Borg incursion as definite history.

In the Voyager episode “Relativity”, Seven of Nine refers to the Borg incursion as a “causal loop”, in which the Borg attempt to alter history is the reason the original course of events occured in the first place.

Both episodes thus indicate that in the main timeline, the Borg incursion always happens.

My theory is this:
The Mirror Universe timeline was created, because the Borg never tried to prevent Cochrane’s warp flight, therefore the crew of the Enterprise E never went back in time with them.
Which means that they never primed and prepared Cochrane for his first contact with the vulcans by telling him of the future, in which humanity eliminates poverty, disease and war.
Cochrane thus went into first contact alone, full of the paranoia and fear he would naturally have felt a mere 10 years after the end of World War 3, resulting in the violence that led to the formation of the Terran Empire.

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OMG! Someone is a REAL Trekkie. I thought Gene Roddenberry past away? My brother would be impressed. Any new movies coming out soon?

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Is Enterprise the series with Scott Bakula?

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I hope not. The last 3 movies were dogshit, as are most of the recent Star Trek shows.

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I liked the first season of Discovery then lost interest by season 2. Liked the first season of Strange New Worlds. Will watch its second season if there’s one. Liked Picard season 1 but no interest in seeing more.

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@ragingloli Lower Decks is so funny, you should try it.

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I like Lower Decks, and Prodigy, but those are cartoons, so I have lower standards for them.
SNW was a step in the right direction, but mostly mediocre. What the show did to the Gorn is simply inexcusable.
Discovery and Picard are absolutely horrific, and they somehow managed to get worse with every season. Season 2 of Picard might have been the worst TV show I have ever seen.

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@ragingloli I agree with you on the Gorn. It’s mind boggling. They basically made them Alien xenomorphs in lizard form. How could such an interation achieve advanced warp technology if all they are interested is hunting and laying eggs? Honestly, that’s where the show lost me.

I haven’t seen season 2 of Picard. I thought season 1 was just okay from a nostalgia POV. Discovery I absolutely hated and I dropped. I also didn’t like Lower Decks as I frankly didn’t like the meanness in it.

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^^ I did have high hopes for Picard but it did get flat and too unbelievable (even for Syfy) Strange New Worlds is pretty good. I don’t like the guy playing young James T. Kirk.

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The biggest problem with what they did to the Gorn, is that in TOS, it was established that they only defended their territory when they destroyed the Federation colony, and the episode was a tale cautioning against judging a species by their outwardly monstrous appearance.
In SNW, they made them generic movie monsters that feed people to their babies and burst out of people’s chests.

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I was fine with the new Kirk. He was very straight laced, which is more in line with how he was in the actual show, and not that womanising maverick that he became in popular culture.

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My Star Trek exists in a pocket universe that doesn’t include anything produced after Star Trek VI, and possibly the episode of Deep Space Nine (?) “More Tribbles, More Troubles”, (and doesn’t include The Next Generation) so while it sounds like it’s likely a clever theory (particularly since I tend to respect your thinking much more than I respect most modern Star Trek writers’ unthinking), though I tried, I don’t know enough about those things to really get what you’re saying, or comment.

I did watch Picard though . . . o m g . . .

I survived the first JJ Abrams Star Trek film and was glad they put it in an alternate rebootverse . . . and then I tried to watch JJ’s second Star Trek film, and couldn’t make myself watch more than the terrible first bit . . . I hear it gets even worse.

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@ragingloli The only thing (and I’m saying the ONLY thing) I like about Discovery starting season 3 is that they added two queer characters who were openly trans and nonbinary. I am not a fan of the characters themselves, but I like that they are trying.

Oh, I also like Michelle Yeoh, but only because I worship any ground she walks on.

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I stopped watching discovery after season 3. All the dilithium exploded because a child had a tantrum. Who comes up with that crap?
And Michael Burnham is the worst character in probably all of Trek. Obsessively insubordinate, constantly goes AWOL for her personal goose chases, talks shit about her captain behind his back over the same behaviour she unreflectively exhibits every episode, and in the end she gets promoted to captain while everyone blows smoke up her ass, when in reality she should have her butt shipped to Rura Penthe.

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@ragingloli Totally agree with you on Burnham and the stupid plot points. And I really hate her boyfriend.

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The funny part is, Beckett Mariner, one of the main characters on Lower Decks, is basically the same character, insubordinate, mouthy, runs off on her own trying to do everything herself, but the show treats her correctly as the total fuck-up she is, which why in her current state she is doomed to stay an ensign forever, and one of the main themes of the show is her having to realise, bit by bit, that she is a fuck-up and has to fix herself.
And I am convinced that the show has her as an intentional fuck you to discovery, because not only is she the same ethnicity, she also has the same initials.

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I’ll give lower decks another try. I have three free months of Paramount so I’m going through all the stuff that I wasn’t willing to pay for before. Have you seen Halo? Is it worth spending any time on?

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Depending on how you feel about references, and the Rick & Morty animation style and hyperactive and frantic type of humour, you might actually hate it. The beginning of the series is pretty rough and grating.

I have not watched Halo, because I do not give a fuck about Halo.

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@ragingloli Yes, I’m not a fan of that frantic hyperactive animation style and I never got into Rick & Morty. I don’t give a fuck about Halo either—never played it. A friend of mine wrote the novelizations of it though so I have a mild connection.

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It’s shit, just like the show/movies.

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@ragingloli Just watched the last episode of Season 3. Oh. My. Fucking. God. That was bad.

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