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Would a polyamorous relationship be more viable, if everyone in it was bisexual?

Asked by ragingloli (50721points) 2 months ago
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I think it would reduce the amount of possible jealousy, especially among the males, if instead of thinking “that guy is banging my girl”, they would think “I wanna bang this guy, too.”

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The options are endless. How the parts fit together is one of the great explorations of life.

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The short version is what @Hawaii_Jake said.

The long version is that there is a lot you are leaving out. Not all polyamorous relationships involve people of different genders and/or sexualities. But even when they do, there might be only one outlier. And of course, some people are turned on by the idea of their partner being with another person of the same gender as themselves. All of this suggests that bisexuality may not be the relevant factor here.

I also wonder whether you are picturing an open polyamorous relationship or a closed polyamorous relationship (aka polyfidelity). I’m not sure it actually makes a difference (people in closed polyamorous relationships typically interact with their partner’s other partners much more, but they also tend to trust their partner’s other partners more). Still, I am curious how general or specific your question is meant to be.

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Probably a good theory, except that male or female, heterosexual or homosexual, people are people.

Which means that human emotions like possessiveness, jealousy, superiority, etc., are going to come into play. In any group (regardless of gender ) there are going to be shitheads.

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I was in one for about 1½ years – it doesn’t necessarily reduce the possibility of inflammatory emotions.

@elbanditoroso People who have issues aren’t shitheads, they’re simply people with issues.

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@ragingloli This should be (NSFW) unless you are talking about “banging” a drum.

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@RayaHope Close your ears, little one!

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Sexuality is not the biggest factor here. It is the emotional and physical ability of each person involved. Openness and observing the guidelines that the relationships are structured on is key

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