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What drugs are typically for, the middle class? Upper class? Poor? All?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (23805points) October 4th, 2022
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For example:

Cocaine is a rich persons drug.
Heroin is a poor persons drug.
Marijuana is a middle class drug.
Caffeine is for everyone.

Please add to the list?
Also feel free to add different categories, like age and gender?

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There are no boundaries here.

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It’s wide open to all. There are no barriers any longer.

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I’m pretty sure that alcohol and nicotine are recreational drugs that destroy lives also.

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You also have cough medicine and plain old pain killers.

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That’s all perception. Cocaine made into rock was considered a poor person’s drug. Weed was considered a poor person’s drug until the 60s. In fact, it was considered the drug of blacks and hispanics which is a big reason why, in the wake of prohibition, govt officials who might have been put out of work by the ending of their war on alcohol chose it as the headliner of their new war on drugs. Reefer wasn’t as politically popular as alcohol, and so was safer to go after.

But in truth, these drugs don’t have class boundaries.

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I don’t think that cocaine is still considered a rich man’s drug.

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I know that crystal meth was considered a poor person’s drug; mostly highly used in lower income black communities. I don’t know if that’s still true.

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@elbanditoroso Actually, meth was NOT at all common in the Black community until the last 10 years. African American’s gravitated to cocaine and then crack, but stayed away from meth.

Meth was (and is) a biker drug. The cartels made distribution arrangements with bike gangs.

Read Sam Quinones’ book on the spread of meth and fentanyl.

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Does anyone know what those glow sticks that teenagers chew at concerts are? Are they a drug? What about ecstasy? Is ecstasy for teenagers too?

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What about legal drugs? What is a list of legal narcotics in Canada and USA?

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@RedDeerGuy1 certain drugs aren’t “for” target groups, they may be more abused by particular demographics. Ecstasy used to be popular amongst older teens and people in their twenties, but not so much anymore.

There are a lot of “legal” narcotics available as prescription analgesics. Fentanyl is “legal” but also abused and sold on the street. Same with Oxycotin, Percocet, Vicodin, and Norco.

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People that aren’t poor get pills because it’s legal and there’s no stigma amongst their peers (because they’re all doing it to mask their issues as well).

Weed and alcohol smell, so it’s easier to do coke or pills and hide it.

Poor people will get crappy jobs no matter what, so they use weed alcohol, or even multiple things like meth coke weed and alcohol.

Most people along all tax brackets only use alcohol.
Some people just drive recklessly and cheat on their spouses or have massive anger issues, which can also be a drug.

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The biggest issue is the class system itself, get rid.

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Right now the hardest drugs on the street are also available at your local pharmacy. Wealthy people get their fix legally through the system. Poor people pay the local pusher.

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As someone said, there are no class boundaries for drugs, legal or illegal. Drugs are an equal opportunity life destroyer.

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It’s all about purity.

Good cocaine, heroin and meth are pure and expensive

Stepped on cocaine heroin and meth are much cheaper.

Even alcohol, tobacco and coffee follow this rule. There are cheap versions and bougie versions.

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