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What do you think goes on in the heads of these Americans?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28969points) October 4th, 2022
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What is their ultimate goal? American politicians and citizen-voters who say in public that Trump was cheated out of a presidency but privately…do not really believe it.

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“All hail the power of Orange Man’s name, let angels prostrate fall”. That’s what goes on in their heads. It’s a cult, and Trump is their god.

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I agree Trumpism is a cult and they are his flock.

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O V E R T H R O W _ U S A _ G O V E R N M E N T

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I don’t know what goes on inside their heads.
Normally, a politician never wants to be on the side of wrong. Here, they embrace it.

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Peer pressure probably. What do you think happens to someone surrounded by trump voters if they change their mind? They’re gonna be ousted from the in-group.

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Their big money donors tell them what they have to say or the money will stop. I’ve said this many times, watch the CNN Special Report: Deep in the Pockets of Texas. It’s not just Texas.

Or, their advisors tell them their constituents believe Trump was robbed of the presidency and they better say the same or lose the election.

Some of it is just good old fashioned peer pressure like @Blackberry said.

Some of them probably tell themselves they have to lie to win, and you have to win to do good for the people.

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They’re trying to achieve what was done by previous fascists, repeating xenophobic lies to get fools to believe they ought to turn to them for salvation from the threat.

Where’s Obama’s birth certificate? His name sounds like Osama – he’s the anti-Christ and wants to destroy America! Obamacare means Death Panels! Jewish space lasers are setting wildfires so California can get sweet sweet Federal relief money. Good thing Trump out-smarted them by denying California that money! Covid is a hoax, so are masks, and/or the vaccine is an evil plot! Those evil commie Democrats are stealing our elections. CNN conspired to defame Trump. The attack on the Capitol was Antifa. The FBI is planting evidence and framing Trump.

Save us, Trump! Save us GOP!

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It may be the threat Trump made.
After losing the election, and the insurrection, many in the GOP began to turn on Trump. He then said if the members didn’t support him, he would form another party, guaranteeing both would lose, and the Dems would win. Most then spun on their heels, and supported him.

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They are mindless and followers.

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It’s akin to the Madness of crowds

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They want solid proof it wasn’t stolen. Florida announced 20 people are being indicted for election fraud this week.

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^^Solid proof for their
own personal satisfaction? Don’t forget these people in particular already believe nothing was stolen from trump, they merely repeat the lies.

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@mazingerz88 Yes. This is what happens when people have no faith in their government.

Sure its also hard to believe half the shit our government has done just in the last 100 years. But those events happened. You reap what you sow.

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Florida (DeSantis) created an election task force of some sort to research, seek out, and prosecute election fraud.

It seems to me to be typical DeSantis. What I mean is not changing much, but his supporters think he is doing something great and his haters think he’s being a horrible person.

Here’s one article about the 20.

The reason I say DeSantis didn’t do much, is because voter fraud has always been illegal, of course we should go after voter fraud. In DeSantis’ new task force even he doesn’t believe in prosecuting someone who believed they were eligible to vote and demonstrate it was reasonable to assume so.

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@JLeslie Another great example of government failure. Sounds like some of these people had no ill intent at all.

When I speak of election fraud, I exclude voters, and just mean officials, politicians and machines involved in the process.

As an American, if the government tells us we can vote, that should be on them, not us. Very sad sitiation, no respect for DeSantis on this one.

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