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Do you share my view that this little site is surprisingly remarkable?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37409points) October 4th, 2022
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Fluther is a tiny site on the grand scale of the internet. We only have about a hundred active users, yet we are a community. I think that’s what gives this site its strength. We know each other.

I have genuine friends here. I’ve met some jellies in real life, and we are really friends. I truly care about some jellies.

There are people on here who are remarkably intelligent in a wide array of fields of study. We get some obscure requests, but our members honestly try to answer them with knowledgeable replies.

We have a vast difference in situations. We have many demographics represented. I wish we had more nations represented, but some that are represented are somewhat surprising.

I’m grateful that Ben keeps us going. I’m glad we have high standards for posts. I’m glad we have dedicated mods. I wish there were more jellies, but it is what it is. Thanks, Ben, for not pulling the plug.

What do you think about Fluther? How do you feel about things around here?

I was just thinking what an amazing thing it is that my best internet friends are from this little site.

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I love it, and am also amazed that it’s still here. Yay Ben and us! And boo to the jerks who try to undermine it with jackassery.

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I’m glad I found this little place so many years ago. I have found many friends here, some in real life and some just virtual. So many here have given me good advice, bad advice or just silly answers, but it’s all totally expected.
So many have passed that I really miss and still think about often.
Some people have said they hate this place, yet keep coming back, so I don’t think they really hate it.
So I, too, want to thank Ben for this little home away from home.

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Grateful for Ben and the mods.

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Absolutely. Ben and Andrew have gifted us this place to gather and opine.

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This site teaches me, makes me think, cry, make promises to myself, and learn the importance of editing, as well as posting while angry. I’m not always successful, but I’ll never stop trying.

I wouldn’t want it to get much bigger – it would lose so much of its appeal, imo. I’ve read many of the posts by people who used to be with us, and even though I didn’t know them, or not well, I’m sad that they’re gone. Forever is a long time.

fluther has also reinforced a couple of sayings I heard quite some time ago:

“It’s permissible to have an unexpressed thought.”

“Before you speak, Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary?”

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Yes, yes, YES! That is why I stay around!. There are people here. Real People!

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One of the few places left that’s not a troll infested cesspool. It’s honestly a throw back to the early message board days when small communities on the internet were still a thing.

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Agreed @Hawaii_Jake. Fluther is unique as far as I know. I have great respect for many of the contributors here who I would never have met otherwise in the wastelands of the internet. We share our knowledge and our experiences freely and at times we open our hearts to one another.

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It amazes me how long I have been on this site and how many friends I’ve met here some of whom I’ve met in person. People like gailcalled were mentors to me at a time when I needed it and I’ve shared joy and pain and humor with others. Occasionally, someone crude or just nasty will troll us for a while but mostly they don’t stay when we don’t feed them. Our most heated disagreements tend to be over politics but even there, for the most part, we are fairly respectful.

Don’t keep a tally but I think I’ve checked in nearly every day since 2008 so that says something.

Ben – I’ll buy you supper if we ever get a chance again! You are a prince to keep supporting us!

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I still enjoy it most days but I do miss a more diverse user base, as well.

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I’m more active with my Fluther friends on Facebook. Many of us have been virtual friends since early 2009. I have about two dozen of you over there and I have this site to thank (most aren’t active here these days.) This is why I’m grateful for Fluther. We are there for each other during good times and bad. <3

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I too am surprised I have been here so long. I miss some of the users from when I first started here. Some passed away, some were banned, and some just stopped coming to our little site.

The diversity in life experiences and expertise is awesome. I think it was even more interesting years ago, but it’s still good.

I think almost everyone here genuinely cares about each other to one degree or another.

I like when we get new younger jellies, because it seems to me most of us are over 40 years old. I really like having people from countries outside of the US, and I too wish we had even more representation from other countries.

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Thanks to Fluther I’m part of an ongoing NFL Fantasy League with five former users. We’re on our fifth year? Maybe longer? :) The group consists of our favorite Canadian couple, the original Randy, Dr. C. and the Blondes.

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Yes! My writing skills have improved. As I learn how to write my interpersonal skills have also improved. My thoughts have improved as a side benefit to learning how to write coherently. I’m grateful that Fluther is open 24/7. It helps when there are none to ask in real life short of calling a nurse or 911.

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Yes to all of that. I’ve been on here longer than any job I’ve ever had (since 2008).

You Jellies are my people! (or, is it the other way ‘round?)

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Yes, I quite agree with you, @Hawaii_Jake .

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If someone says any different (i.e presents the positive and negative) would it be removed?

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I wouldn’t expect so.

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@chefl It’s not off topic to disagree with a question’s premise. You are free to tell us why Fluther is not a good site, but really, that will beg the question: why are you even on here if the site is lousy?

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@chefl has been modded in General and often their comments are deleted. I think they may want to participate here but are asking if it’s off topic to do so.

Meta is not as strict as General.

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Is there a reason not to use Social? Isn’t Meta just for questions about Fluther?

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I love Fluther. I don’t visit a lot of sites for my every day internet stuff and so Fluther is a big part of that pie.

I have fond memories of the years past, when Augie was the boss and she’d crack her whip, and say “flame off, folks.” She was a friend on Fluther and in real life, and I really valued her friendship and input. I have fond memories of other Jellies that are no longer here, either because they passed away or because they left for different reasons. I am friends with a bunch of former and present Jellies on FB, and that adds another dimension to what is discussed here, because I can see photos they post and see more of their every day stuff.

We are really like a family, and I agree with others above who say even when we disagree, we still, at our core, really care for each other. I have had Jellies whio annoyed me or who I really didn’t interact with, but when they disappeared, I was genuinely concerned for them, about what might have happened to them. I think it’s helpful when Jellies may have other means of keeping in touch with the group here, so if something does happen, people here have a way of knowing.

I like the simple format of the site, and how the questions are just in chronological order. I can scroll through every day and I can “follow” if I don’t have time to answer right away. It’s simple and quick.

@chefl This site is not undergoing any modifications, other than basic maintenance, so your suggestions won’t be taken into consideration.

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Fluther is kind of like a little corner of the internet that time forgot—but in the best way possible.

Agree with @Blackwater_Park, it’s got some old school message board vibes going on.

I appreciate that Fluther moves at a slower pace than the rest of the internet. It gives us time to get to know each other—in a way that I wasn’t entirely expecting when I first joined.

I like to think that the jellies that are gone look down on us and smile to see us still hanging out, laughing and bickering with each other.

Thanks to Bendrew for making their idea a reality. And for keeping it up and running just for the handful of us.

Thanks to the mods for making sure it doesn’t become like the rest of the internet. :P

And thanks to my fellow jellies for the interesting and engaging perspectives that have kept me logging back in for all of these years.

Jelly love and pancakes to the whole pond!

raum (13208points)“Great Answer” (11points)
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I stay on here mainly to read the “moderated responses”.
Being a drama queen, I’m always wondering what those moderated responses were saying…

Thank you, Ben!

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This site sure is remarkable because it still lets me come here and goof stuff up. I often talk too much and say so little. lol! I love to have fun and sometimes I get in trouble but they haven’t kicked me out yet. :)

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Can new jellies, who only read for years answer?

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You are very welcome to answer.

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It looks like it is, but why is it surprising?

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Because who would think that a small and little-known forum would be remarkable.

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^But we are.

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^^ Absolutely! @safai had asked why it’s surprising.

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So, “Why is its urprising?” could be interpreted in 2 ways. 1) Why is it surprising, it’s not surprising to me. or 2) I’m curious to know why you find it surprising. I was asking in the number 2 sense.

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@safai The founders of the site stopped any new development and have really moved on. It is kept going only by courtesy for the users now. We appreciate that they let us still stop by.

That’s why.

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@canidmajor Lookitchoo with your 20,000 lurves!! Proud to know ya!

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