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What do you feel compelled to do?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (21861points) October 10th, 2022
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For me I feel compelled to use both slots in the toaster when cooking something.

Like bread, pop tarts, or toaster strudels.

Now that I realize that I will try and only make one item at a time for now on.

What about you?

Humor welcome:

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I feel compelled to get and stay healthy! I try to do things that will help me in that endeavor. I don’t smoke or drink or even eat fast food and I workout often.

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Reluctantly, answer your question.

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I killed you, Mr. Anderson. I watched you die… with a certain satisfaction, I might add. Then something happened. something that I knew was impossible, but it happened anyway. You destroyed me, Mr. Anderson. After that, I understood the rules, I knew what I was supposed to do, but I didn’t. I couldn’t. I was compelled to stay, compelled to disobey. And now, here I stand because of you, Mr. Anderson. Because of you, I’m no longer an Agent of this system. Because of you, I’ve changed. I’m unplugged. A new man, so to speak. Like you, apparently, free.

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@ragingloli Is that from The Matrix?

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What else could it be from?

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I feel compelled to eat them when I’m given homemade chocolate chip cookies.

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I feel compelled to make sure no one else feels compelled. :)

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I feel compelled to finish any meal I am eating.

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I feel compelled to eat a full rack of pork ribs from Boston Pizza and broccoli.
Then listen to YouTube:
Metallica, Nickelback, Creed, 3 Doors Down, Evanescence, AC/DC- Alternative Rock Complication.

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I feel compelled to check that I unplugged the curling iron.

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On that ^^^, @JLeslie, my son ran my curling iron through a switch box that has a little Christmas light bulb attached, so I can see by the bright light when the curling iron is still on. I can also leave it plugged in and just turn it on with the switch.

I feel compelled to take notes on a lot of things and keep various kinds of documentation even though I may never refer to them.

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I just ate a homemade chocolate chip cookie that a friend gave me yesterday.

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I feel compelled to clean a little something in this depressing house everyday. No matter how much it hurts.

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Use the toilet.

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