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If your jeans ad promised that they would "fit and flatter you all day long" what might they say to you?

Asked by janbb (62670points) October 16th, 2022
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Just for fun!

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That I wouldn’t have a saggy butt after a couple of hours. But I always do.

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Advertising bullshit!

Especially the “flatter you all day” – thank you, but I don’t want my jeans talking to me every five minutes – “Hey, you look great!”.

Give me a pair that fits well and lasts as long as I want it to.

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That I would put them on, be able to button them, and they’d talk out my ass all day long.

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My stretchy jeans would go, after a few months, “that’s stretching it a bit too much, mate!”

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That they were mass produced tat made by slave labour.

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“Betty Crocker wishes she had Bunz like yours”

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“Are those tan lines or a landing strip?”

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Having a fit: “I’m flatter than I was when you put me on.”

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“These jeans will make your butt look fat.”

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“You look like a fuckable piece of meat.”
Every 5 minutes.

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