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Why do they put ginger in ginger bread houses?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24336points) October 16th, 2022
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What would happen if we didn’t?
For giggles.

Humor welcome:

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Tastes so good.

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You don’t want Ginger to stand out in the cold, do you? She deserves a home too. :) lol

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IF you leave out the ginger, you’d just have a “bread” house!!!

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I do not know.
In Germany, we call them pepper cakes.

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Mary Ann wouldn’t lend her name to it, so they asked Ginger instead. Just to spice things up.

When Ginger gets really pissed off, Ginger snaps.

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^^ Ginger snaps. lol!!

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who knows what ails Ginger!

Without the ginger, it would just be bread with people loafing around

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If no Ginger than you could make the houses out of Wonder Bread 1

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^^What a wonder-full idea!! not!!!

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@Tropical_Willie Yummy…I love Wonder Bread; so, a Wonder Bread house wouldn’t last long in my house!!!

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The same reason we eat fish at the fish house.

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