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Are you a creature of habit?

Asked by jca2 (15896points) December 27th, 2022
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Do you have certain habits and routines that you like to stick to? For example, a morning routine, a bedtime routine, a routine for maybe when you run errands, or if you’re getting your oil changed you like to visit a nearby cafe or something to pass the time.

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Aren’t we all to some extent?

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On a scale of one to ten I’m probably a four. I don’t like a regular schedule, and I am not regimented about bed time at all, and I’m so very happy I don’t have to be for many years now.

I do like a slow start in the morning, so maybe that’s a habit. Lay in bed for a bit, then have breakfast.

I do have something on my calendar almost every day, but it’s not devastating if I don’t get to do something here and there.

One thing I can think of is how I brush my teeth. Brush, floss, then mouthwash. I don’t do all three every time, but when I do, that’s the order.

Paint my nails, left foot, right foot, left hand, right hand, always in that order.

Friends of mine like to go to a specific Italian restaurant after zumba on Sunday. I go with them sometimes. I don’t have a routine like that, because I don’t like to eat out a lot, and then that would wind up being the only restaurant I go to if I did something like that every week. Not the only, but many weeks it would be the only.

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Very much so, from the moment I wake up until the time I go to bed.

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I’m getting there. My routine does vary depending upon what it planned for the day. Lately the first thing I do, after bathroom visit, is put on leg and arm weights. Then I get dressed so I get the most exercise while doing normal things. I will start the coffee maker and check this site while the coffee is brewing. I’ll go through the fridge to see what needs to be eaten.
I’ll be on the computer while eating breakfast. Then I’ll revisit the bathroom. From this point on the day varies.
What needs to be done? Do I have to go anywhere? Do I have any homework that needs to be done? What’s the weather?
Bed time is pretty consistent – about 9:00.
And the cycle continues.

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I love routine. How sweet it is!

Before I retired my job hours were all over the place working day, swing, evening and night shifts all during the same week and no weeks the same. Also as needed some days I was expected to work longer and rarely leave work early (without warning). Also never having the same days off (from week to week). No one seemed to understand how stressful my extremely variable schedule was on me. It was brutal.

I sure envied people who has set 9 to 5 schedules.

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To a degree, sure. I have a dog who has a routine; I am of an age and health situation where wild deviations from food choices and meal times and sleep patterns have bizarre consequences; and my friends have similar schedules.

I used to be wild and spontaneous when stuff worked better and I had more energy.

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For the most part, yes I am. But I do like to change things up sometimes. Although, that can workout for the better or worse and if it is worse then I tend to get back to my routine and I’m afraid to change for a while.

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I thrived under a schedule.

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Me: why do old people like routine?

openAI: There are several potential reasons why older people may prefer routine:

Comfort: Routine can provide a sense of comfort and familiarity, which can be especially appealing to older people who may be dealing with changes in their physical or mental health.

Ease: Routine can make tasks and activities easier to manage, as they become familiar and predictable. This can be particularly beneficial for older people who may have difficulty with memory or processing new information.

Consistency: Routine can provide a sense of consistency and stability, which can be especially important for older people who may have experienced significant life changes or disruptions.

Health benefits: Research has shown that maintaining a consistent routine can have various health benefits, such as improving sleep quality, reducing stress, and improving overall well-being.

It’s important to note that every individual is unique, and not all older people necessarily prefer routine. Some may enjoy trying new things and experiencing new challenges. However, for those who do prefer routine, it can provide a sense of comfort, ease, and stability that can be especially beneficial as they age.

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I thrived in routine as a young adult too.
I don’t have a routine any more.

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