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Did someone spam you in PM today?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (23626points) December 27th, 2022
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I received a PM of someone who claimed to be American but live in Thailand. They wanted me to send an email to them through their email because they had a very important matter that couldn’t be discussed here. A trivial detail, but they didn’t capitalize their “I”.

I already flagged the account but I wonder if any of you have the same PM.

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Yes. “bettyfoster3030.” I reported it to the mods.

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No. Maybe the mods deleted the person before they could pm me.

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Yes, I got the same message, actually four identical copies of it. I assume that bettyfoster3030 has been kicked off the site. I no longer have the messages and when I did a search, I got a message saying that there is no bettyfoster3030 on the site.

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Yes…I also notified the mods. It appears that they were on top of it & promptly got rid of the problem!!! The PM is gone & so are BOTH of betty’s accounts.

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I received two messages.

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I received four PM’s from her.

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Boohoohoo, didn’t receive nothing.
Valentine’s Day déjà vu.

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No. I guess I’m not spam worthy.

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Awww @chyna you are too SPAM worthy!!! Just to prove it to you, IF you promise to not report me, I’ll SPAM you!!! LoL

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