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Do you wear jeans with holes in them?

Asked by RayaHope (7448points) January 7th, 2023
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If not, how do you put them on?


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I am finally a grownup and happy to report that my jeans currently have no unnecesary holes in them. I have an aunt who loves to shop. She frequently gives me her barely-worn clothes and shoes, and I happily accept them. I never have to budget for clothes and often wear outfits I get entirely for free.

I’m lucky in that our sizes and tastes are similar enough, with one caveat: her legs are longer, so most of my jeans are frayed from where I step on them for the first week or so. Ah, well. I still feel very fortunate!

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I have a rip in the knee of an old pair which happened when I sat down. At least I came by it naturally as opposed to those fake cut and frayed ones. I think this is the second time this has been asked; I remember some funny answers

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One leg at a time!

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Yes.I wear holey jeans when I am working around the garage, cars, and barn.
All holes in my jeans are not intentional. Battery acid made holes in legs. The edge of a wood splitter made a hole or two in the rear, Also crawling under the car and getting caught on something.
My “best” holes were from my chainsaw cutting my pants but not cutting me. I was exhausted from working a full tank of fuel and was thankful that the saw was sputtering out of gas but still running. I started to put the saw down and released my finger from the throttle a millisecond too late. The chain just brushed up against my leg before stopping. Very lucky!

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I don’t. In the past yes, but not because it was cool or they came that way.

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Two legs at a time!

And yes, I have some with tears and some without tears that at time I wear with Suit Coat and Jeans

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I don’t. I know they’re trendy, but they seem cold to me. I don’t like to be cold.

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Not intentionally.


Egad, @RayaHope.

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