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What is your one wish?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37331points) March 2nd, 2023
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You have one wish. No, you cannot wish for more wishes.

You have to write it in one sentence, and no, you cannot make it a compound sentence with multiple parts.

This has to be a wish for yourself. You cannot make a grand gesture and wish for world peace. You have to be selfish with this one.

You can think about it for only one hour, and then you have to tell the genie your wish.

Ready? Go!

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I wish for perfect health for the next 20 years.

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To be loved by God. That’s also my daily prayer.

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Not to get dementia or a slowly deteriorating terminal disease.

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Hit the jackpot on a billion dollar lotto, and get the hell out of Dodge before family and friends find out about it.

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I wish for world peace.

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@KRD I wish you would read the details.

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@Hawaii_Jake Dang – you just wasted your one wish!!

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@janbb I’m the only exception. hahahaha

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^^ I guess the genie-us makes the rules!

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Nice job @janbb.

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I wish to be spared any kind of heartache with my daughter as she becomes an adult.

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I’d wish for a 12-inch pianist… Shit, Dyslexia strikes again…

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I wish for my daughter and I to stay as close as we are now.

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I wish to be GOD.

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I’d like to have the biological physical health / body / energy / effective-age I had at age 18.

Or, if we have to wish for clearly possible/plausible things, I might just wish to be freely given a spare few billion dollars by a multi-billionaire.

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I wish for true happiness.

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I wish for my grandma to be well again.

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Not to take the introduction to political science class in the first year of university. Where I met my friend and girlfriend who hurt me.

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I wish for a kick ass kayak.

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I’d like a replacement, cancer resistant, prostate with all the correct plumbing that meets or exceeds specifications.
It’s been over 13 years since I left mine in a hospital bio-hazard bucket but I still miss it.

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Now that you have asked such a question… I do have a wish but I’m gonna be bending some rules.

I’ve been nothing but selfish my entire life so my only wish is for my sister’s good health, I wish she recovers from whatever health issues she has… Please God, if I’ve ever done a good deed in your record then please make my sister healthy again.

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I wish that my children will be happy and live fulfilling lives knowing that they are loved for every second that they have on this spinning particle in space.

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By the way,...this question made me smile. :-) Thanks!

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I wish happiness was contagious. I could infect everyone I meet, they go on to infect everyone they know, and it spreads from there.

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@Jonsblond let me know when you get that kayak.

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