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Gentlemen, would you take medication to regrow your hair after being bald for years?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37335points) March 2nd, 2023
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I am just beginning to think about this. I wasn’t aware until yesterday that there was new medicine on the market that can regrow hair. At least, that’s what the ad says it does.

It requires a doctor’s prescription. It’s not something I would be comfortable simply getting over the internet. I take medication and need to be certain of possible interactions.

Gentlemen, have you considered hair replacement procedures or products? Have you missed your hair?

Ladies, what do you think?

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Only if it were affordable and didn’t seem to have notable side-effects.

There have long been things that give people hope, but I don’t know if there are any that really work without side-effects. I’ve been told the only really safe & reliable thing is a technique they do in Europe (Denmark?) where they move your hair folicles from the back to the top, or something, but it takes time and is expensive.

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I have heard that minoxidal, sold as Rogaine works but you have to use it for the rest of your life or it stops working. This product might be similar. My thick hair is thiinning a lot at the temples and this is a concern to me.

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I was just on the Mayo Clinic website. They had a section about minoxidil. They also had a section about the pill that’s available, which evidently is less effective in men over 60. I turn 60 this summer. Hmm.

This is not something I lose sleep over, but I am thinking about it. I told my son to talk to his doctor. He’s thinking about it.

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Nope. Been married 30 years so I don’t really care about stuff like that.

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I can’t think of a more terrible affliction than going bald.

My deepest sympathies to you all.

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@Kropotkin My hair began thinning in my early 40s. I really noticed it by age 46 or 47. I began shaving my head at about age 49 or 50. I really don’t care.

Still, I’m thinking about hair.

I’m also interested in this, because my son’s hair is starting to thin. He wants it to stop.

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I don’t care.
My wife would probably want it.

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If it were relatively side effect free. Probably. What’s the name of the particular drug you’re asking about?

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Unless a man has a…shall we say… not very attractive head shape, I think baldness can be extremely attractive, hot even!

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I’ve never had good hair. It’s always been thin and baby fine. At age 72, I’m not completely bald but my hair has thinned out a lot on top. Also I can’t even grow a decent beard or mustache (likely because I’m 14% indigenous American). Life isn’t fare.

I don’t know about a new drug that grows hair. I tried “minoxidil” but had an adverse skin reaction. It made my skin blister. Must be allergic to it.

20 years ago I considered getting hair grafts. The problem with getting hair grafts is once you get a hair graft is that you need to keep getting more hair grafts for the rest of your life as your hair outside of the hair graft area continues to recede and fall out. If you don’t continue to get more hair grafts then you wind up with an island of hair bordered by baldness. How weird is that? And the hair graft procedure is very expensive.

Why waste your money just to look like a freak. It’s far better and cheaper to go bald naturally.

Good health!
Stay strong!

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If it were free I would give it a try. Of course I’d have to come up with some method of measuring whether or not it worked – hair follicles per square millimeter, hair diameter, etc.

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^Of course you would.

~Wouldn’t everybody?~

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