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Saddest last words?

Asked by flutherother (34520points) June 21st, 2023
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What in your opinion are the saddest last lines ever spoken, or written?

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“It wasn’t me.”

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“I told them I wasn’t feeling good!”

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I should have…..

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“The secret code for the treasure is….....”

@smudges I was gonna say what you said!

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^^ :D

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I wish I had spent more time with my family.

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Just calling to say I love you because I’m probably not going to survive.

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Steve Jobs either said “oh wow, o wow , o wow”, or “oh ow, oh ow, oh ow”. When he died .

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“I wish….”

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I don’t think they were his last words, but Billy Graham, a man I respect and there aren’t many said, “I wish I’d watched less TV.”

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“I never loved you.”

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My father in law’s last words: “what happened?”

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“Watch this! Hold my beer for a sec”

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“Who needs stealth?”

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In truth, I have only been in the room at the moment of someone’s death once, when my uncle died. He didn’t have any last words as he had been sleeping for about three days. His breathing just became erratic and one last gasp, and he was gone.

Everyone else I’ve known who’ve died (and there’s a bunch) passed when I was T there and there was no mention of last words by those who were.

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An hour before he died my grandfather was talking about sunrises and sunsets.

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@RedDeerGuy1 That sounds pleasant not sad.

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@janbb The family was having a discussion about putting my grandpa in a home. My grandfather was not taking his meds properly either by accident or deliberately. He died shortly after the homecare nurse, and I screwed up his insulin shot.

After he went unconscious I pushed the health alert button and told them that he had a heart attack. I should have said that we screwed up his insulin shot.

My grandfather knew that he was going to die. That’s why he was talking about sunrises and sunsets. He was going to sun set (die).

From Dungeons and Dragons game I was introduced to neutrality or the middle ground. So when the nurse told me that she forgot the dosage of insulin to give him I picked halfway from low to high dose.

I should have asked for help for that.

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Rick’s 96 year old dad kept saying “So long boys!” before he died. He had 3 sons.

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“This carbon fibre composite hull can withstand so many atmospheric pressures!” *slaps hull

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“What could possibly go wrong?”

“It’s not loaded.”

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“I hope for a happy departure, and I hope never to return” The last words written in Frida Kahlo’s diary

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@flutherother I actually don’t find that sad.

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