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Where is Melania Trump?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33147points) July 5th, 2023
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We have all been hearing about Donald and his legal issues, and of course reading his insane screeds (did you see the one yesterday)?

But I haven’t seen or heard one peep about Melania in a year or more.

Is she still alive? Is she embarrassed to be seen with Donald? What’s her story?

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She’s probably staying wherever Donald is not. I think she never wanted to be First Lady, it’s not what she signed up for. I heard all her family is here, maybe they’re in Florida and they’re probably all hanging out in the lap of luxury. Mar a Lago is big enough that they can be in one part and the Donald can be in another.

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Maybe with a divorce lawyer ?

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From msn:

everyone seems to be of the opinion that she’s beautiful. Am I the only one who thinks she barely passes for pretty?

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She was recently spotted in NYC.

I assume she travels between NY and FL. Isn’t her son still in high school? Or, did he graduate already? If he’s still in school I assume she is in NYC during the school year.

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I think she ran away with Waldo.

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Maybe she’s getting it on the beach in the dark, by the security guard like his last wife.

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She’s anywhere he’s NOT!!! When he was indicted in NY, he took her look alike with him to court while she was out shopping around the city. She’s ONLY with him for the money. She’s NOT required to share his bedroom, have sex, or even like him. She is required to appear to be faithful & appear to be living with him in order to get her monthly check. She did the bare minimum while first lady & now that she has NO political responsibilities, she stays as far away from him as possible…can’t blame her!!!

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I think she takes a lot of crap. I’m sure she is happy to be out of the spotlight. She is not bad looking for someone in their 50’s but she is not aging well to be honest. Perhaps she is learning that gold digging is more work than she bargained for. If that’s the most she is guilty of, then there could be much worse 1st ladies.

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She plans on fully supporting her husband when he runs in 2024.

“My husband achieved tremendous success in his first administration, and he can lead us toward greatness and prosperity once again,” she said.

gack! hurl!

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@smudges I think she’s a beautiful woman. Some pics don’t do her justice.

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I don’t understand why people care whether Melania and Trump are together or happy or whatever. I always think leave people’s marriages alone. People get married and stay married for many different reasons.

Democrats have been saying she is going to leave Trump for 7 years now. So far, she hasn’t. I din’t understand why people think she will leave. Maybe she will, because divorces happen, and Trump has divorced more than once, but I don’t see her leaving so fast.

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@KNOWITALL I know she was a model, but for me her narrow eyes and the way she styles her hair detract from her. It’s like she combs it down over her forehead and then tries to swoop it left or right and, imo, it doesn’t look natural. I agree some pics are pretty bad!

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@smudges I think she has a really low hairline and I agree that the dtracts from her looks. Also, she has a very hard looking face.

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I think Melania was beautiful when she was younger and her face was fuller. We all lose colagen as we age, and her face is looking more angular and then she does that squinting thing (not sure if she does it intentionally or it’s from plastic surgery. With her cheeks looking sharper and her squinting, she looks more leonine and unnatural.

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Her face isn’t “gorgeous” the way I think of gorgeous. I never found her to be extremely pretty. Her hairstyle could be updated too. I would call her “attractive.”

She always looks well put together and her wardrobe and general taste in clothing is right up there at the tippy top of First Ladies.

She didn’t really play much of a role as First Lady (which is fine with me, I don’t think a spouse should be forced into a role due to the ambitions of their spouse).

@jca2 I wonder if she had surgery to exaggerate her cheek bones.

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@JLeslie Remember this jacket? Apparently (from the article) she had a reason for wearing it, but it was controversial. Her clothing was trendy at times and not always what I would think of as “right up there at the tippy top of First Ladies” but I may be old fashioned.

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@smudges Here’s a good one. I think many women look much more attractive as they age and jawlines/cheekbones are sharper.

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She looks good in the pic posted by @KNOWITALL but she still has that squint thing going on. When you look at younger photos of her, her eyes are less squinty.

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@jca2 I remember the jacket. She argued she didn’t care what her husband was doing she was going to see for herself. Others felt she didn’t care about the children and families.

Setting aside the jacket, her fashion has been stunning.

Not that fashion matters more than what was actually happening in the country, of course it is meaningless in the end.

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Hiding with Hillary’s missing emails.

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@KNOWITALL Yes, those pictures look better. She looks thinner now and I think that losing weight in her face hasn’t been good for her.

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Hi elbanditoroso,

I am afraid I have no clue as to Melania’s whereabouts and I am also afraid I have to say I don’t care a fig.

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