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Does Fluther ever surprise you with something you haven't seen before?

Asked by janbb (62863points) August 30th, 2023
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I just shared a question with a fellow Jelly and got back the message, ”(Jelly name) has to open your previous referrals before you can send more.” I hadn’t realized that they hadn’t nor did I know there was a limit.

Did you ever see any surprising feature on Fluther recently? And why hasn’t (Jelly name) opened the pearls I’ve shared?

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I am always seeing something here that I haven’t seen before, so it doesn’t surprise me.

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I’m surprised like you, @janbb, about the limit to sending questions and at (Jelly name)‘s ignoring your missives.

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@kritiper I hope I worded the question clearly enough. I wasn’t referring to questions here or answers but to Fluther features that you weren’t aware of previously.

If that’s the way you understood the Q, I’d like to hear what features have surprised you recently.

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That is very odd.
Not only that you have a limit, but that the jelly hasn’t opened them up. I have to open all of my messages immediately. It would drive me crazy.

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I’m not remembering. Do they come up in PMs or or in Questions for You? I think it’s in Questions for you.

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Yes, it’s questions for you. But it shows an exclamation mark or something to let you know to look there.

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@janbb I’ll let you know when one comes up.

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Hmmm, if it’s sent using the “message” button at the top next to where it says “follow”, it would show up as Messages for You (1 new). In my experience when there’s a question, it shows like: Questions for You (1 new). Either way they’re hard to miss because they’re in the color red.

It can’t be something new because things don’t change here, but it’s strange that in all of these years no one has seen it. Has the jelly been logged in lately?. ha! I just noticed that that looks like the “jelly bean”. ok, nevermind ; \

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I just looked at my “Questions for You” because I had two referrals from people I hadn’t looked at.

I never knew there was a limit, and that people had to open the previous before you could send another. it’s actually a cool feature. Maybe you can pm that Jelly, @janbb and tell her or him that that they need to check their “Questions for You.”

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It had been a while, but your question here got me to look around, and see the SESH link, which I’d never seen or heard about before.

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A Jelly actually apologized to me. I rarely see something like that.

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Fluther has more than the three chat rooms that one sees. Just go into one normal chat room, and change the number of the room at the end of the address bar. I found some by using numbers between one and ten.

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I wish it would surprise me. I’m so tired of checking meta and seeing this question. :D

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I’m often guilty of not checking Questions for You. :P

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