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Do you think if we had 8 years of women ruling the world, the world would be drastically different?

Asked by JLeslie (65402points) September 24th, 2023
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So, the exercise is that the majority of countries in the world have female presidents, female majorities in other parts of government, and female rulers where there are dictatorships.

What do you think would get solved? What might be worse? How do you picture it?

Notably, this is about women in power all at once, not a woman or two in power in a world full of men in power.

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All countries? No doubt.

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No, not a chance. This relies on the assumption that men and women are going to act differently in leadership positions. They don’t have significant differences at that level. Geopolitical conflicts over resources and whatnot don’t care. They don’t magically go away.

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Not really. The issues we have are wholly unrelated to the identity of the candidate and everything to do with the power structures that force elections to occur between unpopular pro-business conservatives who will do what their donors tell them and unpopular pro-business conservatives who will do what their donors tell them and enact policies that appeal to extremists social conservatives. This is a global trend because said politicians work hard to destabilize the rest of the world in order to allow the exploitation of those people and resources for the benefit of their donors.

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It depends entirely on the women. There are some nasty ones. And what @gorillapaws said.

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It depends on the specific people, of course.

But all else being equal, testosterone has a big effect on behavior and perspectives, so yes, I think (all else being equal) that it would tend to have a major effect, for the better.

But I also think you’d need/want to include the actual rulers – the multi-billionaires, multi-national banks and mega-corporations, industry organizations, and other string-pullers.

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I fantasize about this. Would women rulers find ways to always compromise to avoid wars? Would acts of terrorism be reduced if not altogether disappear?

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Similar jobs attract people of similar character.
Unless positions are assigned through a lottery, chances are that they tend to be more like Margaret Thatcher, less Greta Thunberg.

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No. Women can be just as irrational and stupid as men. There’s no magic gender based “kindness” or “wisdom” gene.

Can you imagine a female version of Donald Trump?

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Not if we had Marjorie Taylor Green and Lauren Boebert running things.

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Women have caused enough trouble.

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Generally speaking, of course, odds are women would be better. After all, there are only two choices.

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I would like to think so, but women are fallible and have character flaw’s, too.

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^^How possible is it in your mind that women could also end up killing millions like Stalin, Pol Pot and Hitler?

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@mazingerz88 100% possible. Women have mean streaks as well. And can be just as horrendous as men.

Women will not have reached true gender equality in this world until they are just as awful as men are. Anything less than that is a sexist expectation on your part.

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@mazingerz88 Bloody Mary had no problem with religious genocide.

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@mazingerz88 Kim Yo Jong is apparently already doing this sort of thing. Her brother is just the figurehead.

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Nope. Women are very much as screwed up as men.

I did find this that can break down one viewpoint

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