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How long would it take for a cat to get used to their servants walking around with a realistic cat mask/head?

Asked by ragingloli (51871points) September 30th, 2023
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You all know the videos of cats freaking out to their servants wearing a cat mask. How long would it take for them to acclimate to that new reality?

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I can guess with my horde, about a week until full acceptance. Whomever feeds, is the beloved. :)

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My three cats seem to be pretty dumb. But I think that they would catch on to such a disguise fairly quickly as soon as they heard my voice.

Last week I startled one of my cats with my face covered with white zinc & titanium sunscreen, sun glasses and a hoodie. It was only momentarily until I told him that, “It’s me”. HA!

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How long before human cat owners realize their cats are merely acting suprised to satisfy their owners silly desires?

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Hopefully cats subjected to such behavior will eat the guilty person(s) in their sleep.

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There’s too many cat personalities to know. Could be anywhere from 2 days to Never.

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