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For a two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians to lead to lasting peace, what should all Israelis and Palestinians do today in order to make it happen?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28796points) October 13th, 2023
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Assuming there are Palestinians and Israelis who want a two-state solution. What can they do at this point…in light of all that had already happened in history since human beings appeared in the Middle East.

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I don’t think it’s practical or even possible. Good luck rooting out and repairing centuries of hate. Any attempts to trade olive branches by decent people will be sabotaged by those who are not. It’s a complete fuck-all situation when it comes to solutions.

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^^Yes. Killing, revenge, killing, revenge…seems the most difficult if not impossible cycle of action to break between humans. No human will ever say after their friends and families were slaughtered, “Okay enough. I will not retaliate. Let’s talk peace.”

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The only thing I have ever seen that repairs hate is closeness, as in proximity. Distance dehumanizes, and proximity gives faces to names. When people know each other personally, it’s hard to hate each other based on arbitrary, artificial, and ideological lines. Unfortunately, this works with individuals, not entire cultures.

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Stop reproducing like rabbits and stray cats! (Sorry, it is unfair to compare them to rabbits and cats. Rabbits, cats, deer, etc. know enough to not reproduce when food, and water are scarce.).
Palestinian fertility rates, number of live births per woman, were in the high 7 – 8! Two to three decades ago the rate was in the 5 range! They were saying every birth is a future fighter. Well, those mothers each made 5 fighters and added more mouths to feed in an area with scarce resources.

Of course Israelis have high fertility rates too but they are dwarfed by the Palestinian.
US fertility rate is ~1.74 now – below population replacement of 2.0.

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@LuckyGuy The Hassidim have high fertility rates too!

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Funny you bring up the depopulation bomb. A good percentage of the entire world is about to feel the pain because of this.

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@janbb Absolutely. I’d cut them off too! You live in a desert with limited resources. No family gets moire than 2 kids. Period. Maybe they would value their children more.
I did a quick comparison on Macrotrends and the Palestinians as a whole have rates almost double the Israelis. Palestinian: 6 per female, Israeli: 3 per female.
The fighters you see today were born 20–30 years ago.

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Full UN occupation of the entire region for the next 100 years.
Extensive reeducation programs.
Removal of all extremists from public offices.

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Quit killing each other!

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Hey! Check out this old Q that popped up from 2009.
Does Israel have the right to invade Gaza?
Some things never change…..

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Palestinians should get on social media and denounce Hamas and say they want a two state solution if that is what they want. Let the world know they want it. Don’t let leaders control the entire dialogue.

I bet some Palestinians prefer to stay Israeli citizens if they live within Israel.

How exactly does Gaza get better with the two state solution? Will the people there be able to prosper?

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Israeli’s “should get on social media and denounce Netanyahu and say they want a two state solution if that is what they want. Let the world know they want it. Don’t let leaders control the entire dialogue.”

Certainly not Israel: White Phosphorus Used in Gaza, Lebanon

I’m so fucking horrified right now.

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@tinyfaery Israelis have been demonstrating against Netanyahu for months.

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@tinyfaery Links for you:

Wikipedia page protests against Netanyahu.

Many people several months ago in the Israeli military were saying they would not follow Netanyahu’s orders, because they see him as an autocrat

Nas a well known Palestinian with hundreds and thousands of social media followers made a statement that he now identifies first as Israeli after the recent Hamas attacks

I could link many more stories of Israelis against Netanyahu. My girlfriend that I dance with said she is in groups where Israelis discuss what countries they can go to when Netanyahu was elected again. She came to the US.

The Israelis are not all following Netanyahu blindly. They will however follow orders to get their people who were kidnapped and to kill Hamas. The Israelis likely will wind up killing some of the hostages if they are still alive as collateral damage unfortunately. They can only be so targeted, and they don’t know where all of the hostages are if they are still alive.

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Old news no longer applies. What are those military personnel doing now? Hmm? Where are they on social media?

Nas? One guy? Wow!

I’m actually on other social media, not just Facebook, and I know exactly what is being said and shown. There is nothing significant being said by Israelis or even Jewish people about that war criminal. I’ve seen a Hasidic protest and read Bernie’s tweet and that is it.

And how are people with no electricity going to go on the internet? :/ smdh

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If you can access the New York Times, I find this article to be as rational as anything I’ve seen.

Before you go to fight, first correctly identify the enemy. Know who is not the enemy, and don’t fight them.

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@tinyfaery That’s right, NOW Israel is united regarding going in to kill Hamas and hope to get back some of the hostages who were taken. Israelis take very seriously protecting Israel and the citizens. I saw more than one Israeli yesterday saying Israel is the only place they have. People who aren’t Jewish don’t seem to get it.

I have an Israeli friend who I dance with here and she hopes this Hamas attack will be the end of Netanyahu politically. Her loyalty to Israel and disgust for Netanyahu has not changed with this attack.

That one Palestinian guy has hundreds of thousands of followers.

Thousands of Israelis were protesting Netanyahu including many soldiers, but if a few months ago doesn’t count for you that’s fine. My point is Israelis will and do speak out.

Your circles and the periodicals you read are probably the same ones who were viscous about Hillary Clinton and it contributed to why we got Trump. Parts of the far left are anti-Israel pro Palestinian and don’t really consider the whole picture.

I don’t want the Palestinian people to suffer, I want them to be safe, prosper, live in a healthy environment, just like I want that for everyone, but to have that the Palestinian leaders need to compromise. They haven’t and won’t. I can put myself in the Palestinian place, and of course I empathize with their situation. I can also put myself in the Israeli place, can you? What do you think Israel should do? Years and years of countries not wanting Israel to exist at all.

Why did Israel build a wall? It’s not like the US southern border, you can’t compare it.

Imagine if the Proud Boys were ruling all of L.A. Do you want a police force to warn you to move south so you are not near the upcoming attack? Do you want them to do nothing? I’m sure you think Hamas is horrible too, you have to get rid of Hamas to have any chance of normalcy in Gaza. Israel can’t make a treaty if Hamas is there. Israel can’t loosen the wall or check points if Hamas is there.

It’s a Catch 22. Both sides are right to some extent. Or, both have legitimate points, but Hamas has to be dealt with.

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Kaitlin Collins on CNN did a Great interview with Palestinian American Hani Almadhoun a lot of his family is in the evacuation zone in Gaza in the “red box” area. His inlaws evacuated and wound up in a terrible situation.

He mentioned all the many fears and little details his family goes through and especially the women, I really appreciated that.

If you can watch The Source With Kaitlin Collins today I recommend it. He was on in the first ten minutes. Kaitlin seemed a little surprised by what he said, but everything he said sounded like things the women I know would think of. His calm demeanor and ability to get a lot of information out in a short time was really good.

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@Jeruba Thanks for the article.

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