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What kind of picture is this called?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46809points) November 15th, 2023
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“This”: t

It was on the wall of a room I was in last week. It’s an amazing photo (or AI). You can see such detail, like every blade of grass, and it lights up. It is just like looking out a window.
I want one but I don’t know what it’s called. Help?

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I would call it over exposed.

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a poor one

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Lots of post processing going on there.

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I like the composition. The comments about it being badly processed I think are unfair in that you took a phone picture (which gets internally processed itself) of a photo that is meant to be seen in person.

In terms of “what kind of picture is this called” I would call it a landscape.

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How are people getting the link to work? I can’t get it either on my desktop or my phone.

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remove the leading t and the . at the end.

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Thank guys!

It looks sort of like a pointillist painting to me.

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Not sure what it’s called other than a landscape, but I think it’s beautiful and would love a large one on my wall.

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I think if you Google outdoor landscape photo for office you should find something. I see lots of similar pictures in offices with no windows at the hospital I work at.

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I’m not saying post processing is bad

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@Blackwater_Park I know. But I’ve seen post lamenting post processing on photos and I have to shake my head. Only photos shot in raw format are not processed, and hardly anybody except photographers shoot in raw (I do, but I’m a photographer and I know how to post-process). Certainly nobody shoots in raw on their phone as it takes up too much space.

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Bob Ross would call it a happy little tree.

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if you want to purchase that type of picture, google “backlit picture” and see what comes up.

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