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Would a seniors lodge be offended if I want to volunteer to get my 100 hours of volunteer time?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24453points) November 16th, 2023
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In order to apply for a social worker certification program at my local college?

How do I ask?

I don’t have the money to take classes at this time. I am just wondering.

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Wouldn’t it make sense to ask them? Why would they be offended?

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@elbanditoroso It sounds insincere. Im not sure why I want to be a social worker, other than as to getting a full time job to get off of disability. I wany a master’s in psychology to become a career counselor. Or to make reference material to help career searches, because I witnessed my father swearing at his calculator. He clearly was in the wrong field. (Accounting).

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You have to get your Bachelor degree first. Before Master degree . . . .

100 hours is not a Bachelor degree.

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@Tropical_Willie I am scared to take the first step. I need to see were the staircase goes.

In Alberta you need 100 volunteers hours.
Three letters of reference.
Also an essay on why I want to be a social worker.

You need all three just to sign up for the one year class.

I don’t have the money , and I would like to pay off my debts before starting anything new.

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Volunteering is a good idea no matter what you eventually decide to do. Gets you out of the house, helps you feel productive, interactions with people, not to mention the obvious – helping others.

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“Baby steps” and volunteering would a good thing to do.

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I think volunteering is a wonderful thing to do. There have been times in my life volunteer gig was more important to me than a paying gig, especially when those volunteer gigs held the possibility to foster career opportunities.

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This sounds like a good first step. Know you are capable of doing this.

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For volunteering hours, my daughter played piano at a retirement home. Win-win – she got her hours and the seniors got music.

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I am confused. If you want to become a career counselor, why must you first become a social worker? Why not just get a BA in psychology and then a masters in career counseling?

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^^ I think the social worker program takes just one year. But I kind of doubt that a Master’s program would accept that for admission; they’d probably require a BA because of so many other courses required outside of the major. <shrugs>

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@LostInParadise I do not have enough income to go straight into a B.A. of Psychology. I thought that after an one year certification that I can get a good paying job in Social work. Then put that income into part time university online studies in Athabasca university.

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