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Does everyone have the pain of growing up?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24460points) November 28th, 2023
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Or not?

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No, some people die young.

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Two types of people don’t:

1) those who are spoiled and catered to, where everything is given to them, and who are sheltered from it. Usually people who have overindulgent parents, and the kids themselves lack any sort of self-criticism.

2) those who are blithering idiots and are too stupid or unfeeling to know what pain is.

Those two are closer than you might think.

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I’d say that everybody has the experience of growing up. Not sure how many of those were in pain!!! In my case, I had a great Mother who did her best to make sure that I had a good life!!! Now, my dad was a very military inspired & ran an intensely tight set of rules. My Mom always ran interference between my brother & myself with dad. As tough as he was, Mom usually got her way!!! Thinking back on it, I don’t feel the pain of growing up as I had a decent life in the overall scheme of things. What is painful for one might be easy for another!!!

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It should be an exciting time as your abilities develop and your horizons expand. But it is all wasted on the young. We pensioners could make a much better go of it.

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Sure. It just doesn’t always happen at the same age for everyone. Nor is it as much of a pain for some as it is to others. Children need to figure out the world. Not everything in the world always works for you the same way. Sometimes the world does things the way you want, other times it does things that you don’t like. This is pretty much universal across all income ranges and it happens to boys and girls.

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The pain of growing up? No. Growing up is not inherently painful; it is educational. but education is not painful to those who are open to learning, to becoming aware.

Relationships are hard because so much is new experiences. But hard is not pain, it just takes work.

Growing up can be painful if one is not willing to do the necessary work.

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By ‘growing up’ I’m assuming that the definition has to do with being under 21, aIthough we do continue to grow after that age, by then we’ve learned a lot about pain and how to deal with it. I believe that growing up is inherently painful because we’re growing and learning. Examples: who has never had their feelings hurt by a friend, parent, schoolmate? Who has never had their pride hurt when taken down a peg? Who has never been called a name? Who has never had someone they cared about break up with them? Never had unrequited love? Never been laughed at? Ever seen a 2 or 3 year old get lightly tapped on the hand and told “No”? Most will burst into tears while trying to breathe. That child didn’t get it’s feelings hurt?? On the most basic level it’s a loss of innocence, which leads to internal pain, which then leads to learning.

I say bullshit to the thought that all of growing up is simply education and we cause our own pain by not simply accepting, learning and saying, “Oh well, that’s the way the ball bounces!” If someone has never been hurt in the process of growing up, I question their ability to feel emotions.

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I think our formative years are always somewhat painful with all those hormones and energy minus the life experience to handle every situation perfectly.

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Only the grownups.

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I was in a loving family, but I had very few friends in school because I got straight A’s, I was called teacher’s pet. I was quite different from other girls (a tomboy) and I thought there was something wrong with me. I was very unhappy most of the time.

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@YARNLADY Awww…I’m sorry. I’m glad you at least had your family and they were loving, but I understand that didn’t quite make up for having only a few friends.

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