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Will Rudolph William Louis Giuliani die in a poor house ?

Asked by Tropical_Willie (31117points) December 21st, 2023
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Rudy Gazudi has declared bankruptcy and has no way out !

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No. He will probably will not do community service picking garbage, and used needles in downtown New York. He will write a biography and transfer the profits to his family the same way OJ wrote “If I did it”.

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He will almost certainly use bankruptcy to try to hide his assets. Will he get away with it? Who knows.

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Filing bankruptcy does not discharge his obligation. It just means that it will be longer before they get any of the money & proves that he is a COWARD!!! He’s still betting on 45 winning in 2024 & putting aside anything & everything the courts do. 45 has scammed the old bastid again promising him the moon & giving him NOTHING!!! It’s also another form of deflection.

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@ragingloli bankruptcy means they will know where ALL his money is and the Georgia mother and daughter. will clean him out.

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Does the poor house have bars and a steel bunk?

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I don’t care one whit what happens to Giuliani.

My guess is that some friends(?) will bail him out.

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With a historical note – remember when, right after 9/11, Giuliani was considered a hero and America’s Mayor?

Look at him now.

Note to @ladyMarisa – Trump, if elected, may have the ability to pardon Rudy for federal crimes. But remember that the offenses in Georgia are state crimes and they haven’t even come to trial yet. Trump has no ability to pardon for state crimes.

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Guy’s already poor and dead inside. Though he probably doesn’t know it yet.

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I love it when Cohen calls him Rudy Colludy!!!

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I don’t trust lawyers. It’s never as bad as they say.

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No. Refer to OJ Simpson. Alive and well and never paid a dime.

All we can do is hope he does.

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Bankruptcy protects specific assets such as the primary residence, clothing, and sometimes work-related assets required to make an income. He has to list everything he has, there is no hiding anything. I see this as a cooperative measure on his part. If he does hide assets, it’s a criminal offense. If he cannot pay the judgment, this is his next logical move. A chapter 7 will seize almost everything he owns but will discharge any remaining debt. A chapter 13 will allow him to make regular payments on his debt over 5–7 years. Neither of these are a good thing for him.

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No. He declared bankruptcy and now he won’t have to pay his bills. He might have to sell his house or apartment, but probably he will get a lot of money for it.

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It’s really shameful. I would be happy if he were thrown in jail – that, he couldn’t get out of.

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@JLeslie any liquidated assets will go to pay creditors, he will see NONE of the money. That is the way bankruptcy works. He will be able to keep one house and a car but no other assets or savings.

“Under bankruptcy law you are allowed to keep property that is in the bankruptcy estate. Your ability to keep this property is called “exemptions”. One of the most important exemptions you have, is called the homestead exemption. The homestead exemption allows you to keep all or part of your home.”

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He’s a lawyer.

He’s probably been hiding money for decades…

He’ll never be broke. But he won’t be able to show it…

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He could get a job in landscaping.

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@MrGrimm888 It would have to be hard currency- – Gold, Platinum or large value US currency ! All other computer tracked monies would tracked. Safety deposit boxes might work but he is going to have a “tail” until he dies.

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@Tropical_Willie Ok, so he’ll live in that one house. I’d be happy to be wrong and see him destitute. I think he should go to jail for basically ordering a hit in the women, but I doubt there is a legal argument for that.

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I agree @JLeslie he should be an orange “Onesy” for ten or more years.

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With ties to NYC, I wager RG has a diamond stash.
Diamonds are the world’s best “black market” currency.
They are extremely valuable, but tiny (easy to hide.) And of course, they’re untraceable.

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Hard to say. First of all, the bankruptcy likely won’t shield him from the defamation ruling. Second, it’s at best unclear how much he has in assets because he didn’t participate in discovery during the trial. It might be he’s got more stashed somewhere that he’s trying to hide. Generally, they don’t take so much that you literally end up homeless. But since Rudy has tried to play cute, he may actually have made his situation worse.

IMHO, more hilarious is that Rudy’s own defense said that his statements were negligent, but not intentionally harmful. Which…is kind of him admitting legally that he was lying. Then he went out and doubled down in public saying everything he said was true. His own lawyer tried to draw a contrast between the leader he was during his time as NYC mayor during 9/11 and the broken conspiracy-theorist he is now.

And that’s Rudy’s attorney! His advocate!

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I heard he is working at Four Seasons Landscaping now.

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Well according to him he has anywhere from 10 to 1 million in assets. Lets say he has 10. He owes his lawyers still, and at least 10 of that is in his 6.5 million dollar NYC apartment that no one wants to buy. No matter what though, he will still have to pay them. You don’t get to wash away your debts in a lawsuit by filing bankruptcy. I do feel there will be more lawyers after him soon for what he owes them. I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t have money hidden away since he has 3 divorces under his belt and probably learned a long time ago to hide his money.

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@Pandora Bank accounts require SSN – - -Brokerage accounts require SSN, so he has to have a half ton of gold in his New York City condo, not likely and his three Ex’s lawyers are following his every monetary move !

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